I didn’t forget about you…

(a 500 word post)

Wow. I am getting a little lax in writing.

Not that I am actively avoiding it, I just have so many other things going on at the moment.

And today, I didn’t plan well. The lack of planning almost wrecked the “500 words” for the day and my food plan.

I got up and piddled around the house, killed a few weeds, pulled some more, watered some flower beds and then decided that I needed to wash the sheets and WHILE I was at it just take our super big king sized comforter (we don’t even have a king size bed) to a laundromat and wash it. THAT is so much cheaper than having it dry cleaned.

See, we have this super big bed cover thing because my husband only likes ONE thing on the bed, if he could get away with it, he wouldn’t even have a sheet. I on the other hand want a sheet, a cotton blanket, my down comforter and if I am still chilly THEN a quilt. Layers create warmth.

He can’t sleep because of OCD. Honestly, I didn’t know when we got married. He can’t sleep if all his covers are not the same sized and aligned perfectly. Seriously…so, that is why one stinklingly large bed spread, if he gets cold he scrunches it up more or something…

The plan was to drive there, wash and dry it in about 2 hours and then hit the grocery before a meeting I had with a friend for an upcoming craft show at 4.

I didn’t take a computer, I took a book. I was going to have blissful quite time to read and journal and plan. What I ended up doing was listening to all the conversations around me.

The day after the Kentucky Derby IS the day to hang in a laundromat for the stories alone. Oh my stars!

I got back in my car at 3:30 and realized that I had not eaten. Not one blessed thing, I had an iced tea-but that was it.

Fortunately for me I was about 2 minutes from Lucky’s Market and ran in really fast and got my Brussel sprouts I wanted for dinner and a few other things (primal beef jerky with pineapple) AND a little container of cheese and pepperoni. I ate the cheese and pepperoni on the way to my meeting.

Whew, crisis averted.

It would have been just as easy to hit a drive through and probably would have cost a third of what I spent, but I would have had a heart attack from all the grossness tomorrow.

After my meeting about the craft show, we decided a quick trip to Michael’s for a few things was TOTALLY part of the planning process so away we went.

I got home at 7pm and made my Brussel sprout and chicken dinner and started making journals for the craft show.

I logged on to check something in email and realized that I had not typed word one today. SO, here are the 500+ words for Sunday.

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