I have a few minutes while waiting to vote. I saw someone I work with on the other side of the que and he had been in line for 30 minutes.

Voting has always been so important to me. I remember my grandfather stressing HOW important every election is.


Since 1988, I have missed one- (KY changed the primary to primary type caucus in 2016)

We used to vote at a small church. Then a firehouse and then back to the small church. After COVID our county became more centralized and now you can go to one of 4 schools.

When I pulled in to the parking lot the line ran the length of the building. Once inside- all the way down the hall and back- I have not seen in the cafeteria (where the ballots are) -IIRC the line snakes a bit there too.

I got here at 8:25. My husband was here at 6:20 and it took him 20 minutes then. I suspect I will be here almost an hour total. And I don’t mind a bit.

I live in a county where I probably have different views than my neighbors- and I am still so happy- proud even at the turn out. There is nothing more heartbreaking to me than people not voting.

…putting phone away as I enter the ballot room…

Wow! Now I am back in my car. With my sticker and it’s 9:02!

Every time I vote I think of my Popaw. A WWII marine veteran, NRA member, John Wayne and Ronald Reagan fan. I am even wearing his old denim shirt today. The world is so very different than the world he left almost 15 years ago. Our community is so different. But I can still hear him tell me every time I put my ballot in the machine HOW every important this is.


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