Techno Tithe

Y’all last Sunday at church they were talking about tithing, not like part of the sermon, the campus pastor (I go to a multi-campus church) was telling a story about when he started to tithe with direct deposit and how he felt funny, like people were giving him the side eye for not putting something in the bag (they use bags instead of offering plates).

I got all twitchy.

I can tech with the best of them.  Heck, some days my 24 year old son calls ME for help with his technology.

So, I GET how it works.
I just can’t. Or won’t.

It isn’t because I am scared of the pew mate side eye.  I am not worried about the safety of the online app.

I need to feel it.
I need to go to the bank on Friday (before I pay for anything else)and get my cash for the week out and then take a portion of that cash and put it in the envelop and KNOW…

And, honestly, some weeks it is hard- to put that cash in the envelop and carry it all weekend to offer on Sunday.

This isn’t to say that I am not cheerful or thankful.  I am, but I also know myself.  I will sign up for an app and have an automatic deduction and never use it again.  But the things that are not automatic.

The conscious decisions.  Those are in the forefront of my mind.
They are deliberate, choices.

It gives me an opportunity to be thankful and acknowledge the creator of the universe.

Every time the subject comes up of “online giving” or automatic deductions I twitch a little.

I can’t afford to be automated.



Social Business Sense

AdobeStock_207614571.jpegExciting right!?!?!!

It is one of those things that if you thought about it for 5 minutes, you know what to post (or not), share and comment.  But, in this day-it seems that common sense has been pitched out the window with the baby, bath water and half our brains.

For years in my social media classes and training at work, I have mentioned that social media (and more specifically) Facebook, is like a cocktail party.  One does not run into a cocktail parting screaming about their latest listing, mortgage rate or “hot” real estate trend.  

At a party, you are social, you converse, you are cordial and definitely not a jerk or outspoken critic of anything (unless you don’t care if you never get asked back into that social circle).  Occasionally, the need may arise to say something, say, if a person is being overtly racist, sexist or a general evolved human. (as the exception, not the rule).

However, today, people post ANYTHING with out consideration to how their audience (friends list- or depending on your settings and SEO-the world in general) may feel.  Bogus cures for cancer, conspiracy theories, political memes and incredibly biased (to the left or right) articles that may or may not be factual.

We need to stop (myself included) and critically evaluate what we are posting and sharing-especially in the eyes of people checking out all our social profiles before they call us to establish a business relationship.


Ask yourself the following before you post, is it…

Not sure?
You have a choice, you can throw caution to the wind and perhaps your business reputation.
You can do more research.
You can choose to move on and share something more uplifting.

Very few of us have jobs where what we say online will never have an impact on our business/livelihood.

I know it is easy to get caught up in the latest or funniest meme, but is it worth the fleeting moment when compared to long term damage to your reputation, trustworthiness and integrity?  Do a quick google on all the careers ruined by poor self control on social media.

In the real estate industry, most realtors are independent contractors so reputation management is a one on one personal branding issue.  But, I believe that consumers will base the abilities of their agent on what their social media says about them.

Does yours speak to your integrity? honesty? trustworthiness? eye for detail?

Consumers need to trust that the person they hire to help them with one of the largest financial decisions of their lives.  Posting articles that are easily researched as false, or mean spirited jokes may cost you financially, but, if no one tells you, will you ever know?


in the saddle.

in the swing.

from- I actually don’t even know where.

I noticed before yesterday, it had been a really long time since I posted, or even considered posting.

When I logged in to do write the “lying” post I had a draft from a great story that was 2 years old. I had started writing and I guess it got hard express the emotions or it was going to far off course and I never went back. I deleted it and it felt good.

Since last night I have had 3 topics come up that I didn’t want to tweet, insta or FB- because they were too layered. To much to say in 280 characters, a hash tagged image or not up for judge mental scrutiny that FB tends to bring these days.

Here I am, dusting off the rafters- chasing the dust bunnies out the door and looking for some tools to bring life back into this old blog shack.

Please, pull up a chair. Brew a cup and stay awhile.

Speaking the truth…

in Love.

Or these days, on facebook.

We all grew up hearing “thou shall not lie” is one of the big ten.  (here is a whole list if you need a refresher)– but when I was writing this, I realized that isn’t what Exodus 20:16 says.  It says, do not bear false witness against your neighbor.

Interesting-which leads you down the rabbit hole when a lawyer asked Christ, “who is my neighbor?” (and we got the great parable of The Good Samaritan.)

Oh law…everyone.  All y’all.

Here is an opinion on the 9th commandment that is very interesting. According to this, I can see how we easily shortened bearing false witness to not lying, because it is part of it, but not the whole.

1 Corinthians 13:11 New King James Version (NKJV)

11 When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

In general, I think that the internet can make adults act like children.  As evidenced by some of the things we see posted on facebook everyday.

Falsehoods, not checked or verified and blindly posted and re-posted.  If you know me at all, it makes me crazy.  Because, to me, blindly posting an unverified internet meme or news article without reading, verifying or even considering the implications of what the act means.

What it means for you, if you identify as a Christian.
What it means for those you are posting about-ESPECIALLY, if it is false.

I don’t think for a moment that it is over stating “bearing false witness”.

I spend a fair amount of my social media time on reading some of the things people post, but MOST of my time, is actually googling did The President say this?  Does vinegar really kill cancer?  Is a kid still missing, did that man actually commit the crime suggested (or is it a disgruntled former mate-it happens.)

Re-posting a story about how someone was cured from cancer by drinking apple cider vinegar may prevent someone from seeking qualified medical care.

Forwarding missing kids who are no longer missing makes people numb to the kids who really are in danger.

Are those REALLY the hands of God in a cloud or is it Photoshop?
You may wonder, what does it matter…

Because, i personally believe, the Creator of the Universe can show His majesty at anytime and does not need someone to fake it for his holiness and presence to be known in the world today.  It cheapens what he is able to do.

Now,  I know that I am not perfect and it is not my intention to come across as such, because I know I have made loads of mistakes in my life and heck some of them even this week.

I also deeply feel that this is an important issue that we need to take seriously as kingdom builders and witnesses to our faith.

The next time I post more information on something you may have posted on facebook, my intent is speaking the truth in love, 2019 version.



If only a nap would help.

I wrote the following yesterday.  I didn’t post then because I thought I had more to say…Nope.

So here ya go…

I am tired y’all.

Just so tired.


I don’t feel much of anything but tired with a side of angry.

I have discovered, when I am stressed, eat and sleep.

We had another school shooting-16 or 19 depending on who’s numbers you believe.  And this time, in part it appears that a teenage boy got rejected (and possibly embarrassed by) a girl from school so, he did the only logical thing and killed her and anyone near her.  Killed 10, wounded 10 others including the school resource officer.

Ok, on this one, I will give all the gun rights people a break on the “it is a heart issue” because sure as heck looks like that doesn’t it.

Poor little Dimi had a heart hurt so he made sure everyone paid for it.  I long for the days when a woman (or young girl) can say, “I think you are a swell dude, but, No.” and the swell dude is mature enough to say OK, thank you for your honesty.

Instead of “No” and then she has look over her shoulder or worry about him thinking that “your mouth says no, but your body says yes baby.” And advancing anyway.  Or coming to school and KILLING her for not being attracted to him.  Seriously.

How often to men have this worry?
Seriously.  When?

And, right before I read that lovely little tidbit, I watched the video of Asia Argento, Italian Actress:

This woman spoke her truth about her experience and what happened to her at that very festival when she was a young woman.  She got awkward silence as she spoke but at the end of her brief speech she got a roaring round of applause.

Speaking truth.

Or as Brene Brown calls it “speaking truth to bullshit.”

Because the way we treat each other is bullshit.

Also in the news yesterday was Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon at the royal wedding.  He spoke of love.  No just marital love, but love as a force, a fire, power, love of God and love AS GOD.  Love has the power to change the world!

As a follower of Christ.  Knowing we are all created in the image of God and we are COMMANDED to love one another-HOW, How as a church, a body of Christ who are commanded to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, can we allow our sisters and our children to be continually treated in this way?


Forgive me Father for I have sinned.  I have not updated my blog in 618 days, or 1 year, 8 months, 10 days.
Technological Jesus
Yeah, wow!
I am amazed I could even find my corner of the interwebs.

(also, I didn’t calculate that myself, I am the WORST at math, this awesome little bug did it for me: Duration Calculator)-I am also keeping that link, because Lord knows it will come in handy for a variety of uses!

Today I posted a huge ole thing on facebook (yeah, I haven’t ditched it)- and was reminded that I have another outlet for those musings…HERE!


I was pontificating about my day and how I need to stop eating wheat and sugar and this nasty itchy leggy thing I get when I have to much and how I really wanted the new frappuccino at Starbucks and all this other…stuff.

Not just that, I have invested in Kelly Rae Roberts “Hello Soul, Hello Business” group/class/life changing opportunity-not because I have some HUGE idea busting forth but that I have DESIRE to bust forth, just no idea.  (such is the life of a self medicating-with sugar-adult with ADD)-  so, the theme for march is- WRITING.  So, guess what…

WRITING goes here!
Also today had an email from Kelly (her awesome newsletter actually -scroll to the bottom to sign up) and she talked about how we frame our words and thoughts and it was a much needed message after I was a little less than gentle on myself yesterday. This also reinforced another text message I got from a super precious friend first thing this morning.

I got words y’all.
(feels good to be back)
All the words.

Flowerchild, Late Bloomer

I have written 5 blog posts in the past year.  2 of them about being “convicted” about tensions in this country.  I have wanted to post more but I let fear get in the way.

You can read both of them here- “Convicted” and “I am a Branch”

My friend Jackie said that she always felt that she should have been a child of the sixties.  I agreed with her sentiment.  I always felt like my place in time was the “summer of love” but I wasn’t even birthed yet…  She said that maybe that feeling was preparing her for what we are experiencing in this country now.

I think she may be right.

I am more prepared in so many ways.  Age and wisdom and all that.

I decided this weekend that if I have something to say, I am going to post it, or tweet it or whatever social media the fire out of it!  I can no longer be silent. I can no longer be afraid, especially of “what will people think”.

It doesn’t matter what people think.
It matters what is right.
It matters what is holy.

I am a Branch

This past weekend at Southeast Christian Church, Kyle Idleman spoke on John 15:5.

“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. If you do not remain in me, you are like a branch that is thrown away and withers; such branches are picked up, thrown into the fire and burned.

You can watch the whole thing here- Be the Branch.

I know that when they planned this session, it wasn’t going to be about the events of this week-but Kyle tied it all together wonderfully.  We need to have compassion and sacrificial love for people.  ALL People.

Social media was buzzing with loads of messages, some positive, some grossly divisive.  As if you are not able to support those who serve and protect AND those marginalized at the same time.  My heart was breaking.

Brené Brown posted this on facebook and instagram-

I woke up this morning looking for someone to blame. Someone to hate. Someone who I could make the single target of my fear about the officers killed in Dallas and what happened to Alton Sterling and  Philando Castile. It was such a desperate feeling to want to discharge the uncertainty and scarcity. Then it dawned on me that this is the exact drive that fueled what’s happening right now.

Instead of feeling hurt we act out our hurt. Rather than acknowledging our pain, we inflict it on others. Neither hate nor blame will lead to the justice and peace that we all want – it will only move us further apart. But we can’t forget that hate and blame are seductive. Anger is easier than grief. Blame is easier than real accountability.  When we choose instant relief in the form of rage, we’re in many ways choosing permanent grief for the world.

Anger is easier than grief.
Blame is easier….
So true.  Trying to find single targets of our fear is a breeding ground for the unrest, anger and pain all around us.

I can’t begin to KNOW what it feels like to be subject to systematic racism.  But, I can try to understand.  I can allow my heart to be broken on their behalf and reach out in love and compassion to search for solutions and change.

This message is all around me this week.

My family is doing a bible study by Jefferson Bethke and this weeks video talked of what happens when we choose something other than God to Idolize.  When we think that Republicans are going to cure all this countries ills, Democrats become the demon.  When we root our identity in legalistic or fundamentalist thought, the opposite of that becomes the enemy.  It can happen with sports teams, it can happen with ANYTHING.

When we are focused on God and rooted in him, SIN is the enemy.  NOT people.

As Christians,we are called to LOVE God and LOVE People.

Friday morning, I went to work broken.  I couldn’t open my mouth with out weeping.  I was thinking about how the black community felt, how the policemen and their families felt, all the pain, YEARS of pain.  Anger boiling over, down the streets and I just wept.

One of my coworkers told me to get over it.  Feeling that way wasn’t going to do anyone any good.  I believed her-for a moment.

Until Sunday morning hearing the words in church-“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.”

As long as I am rooted in Christ, I can be strong AND compassionate.  I can have empathy AND enact change.  I can feel and not be afraid.

I am a branch.

A Gentle Reminder

Images are powerful things.

As I posted yesterday:
A virtual rendering of the weight I have lost.

2016-04-25 20_59_00-Model My Diet _ Virtual Weight Loss Simulator and Motivation Tool _ Women

On the left – January 2015 on the right is me this week (and also January 2016).

2016-04-25 21_00_40-Model My Diet _ Virtual Weight Loss Simulator and Motivation Tool _ Women

On the left is today.  On the right, my “goal” size.

2016-04-25 20_59_59-Model My Diet _ Virtual Weight Loss Simulator and Motivation Tool _ Women

And this-a rendering from the start to the goal.  I am so glad I didn’t do this one first.  It is pretty overwhelming. But, I am also inspired by it.  I don’t have many pictures of me at the size on the right because the 118lb bitch in my head thought that the 135 lb me was a cow.  So, the 118 lb me wouldn’t allow pictures to be taken.

Have I ever mentioned that the 118 me was a real bitch?
Also that 118 lb was pretty unhealthy and borderline alcoholic, but-details…

I guess I need to start taking more pictures of this journey, don’t I?

Take that my formerly mean to self girl!
{Traveling Mercies}




Traveling Mercies

I have been a weight watcher member for about 16 months (this round) and in the past 12 I have been fighting with the same 5 pounds.  Gain 2 lose 2.5, lose 1, gain 4, lose 2…Up and down, over and over.  I was ok with that because I was NOT going UP week after week, I just wasn’t going down.

The past 2 months however, have been a slow and constant creep.  I have felt it but I wasn’t sure what to do about it.  I was trying to figure out if it was the usual suspects- Family stress, work stress-boredom eating.  WHAT?

I have been on the verge of quitting, but I know that as soon as I do the 26 lbs I have kept off this far will find me fast.  Past experience an all.

Today, as I pulled in the dentist office for the 4th procedure in as many months, it hit me.  The right side of my mouth has been a frickin train wreck. I switched dentists because I felt like the one I had wasn’t listening to my concerns and HELLO-that was confirmed when I had 4 cavities and the need for a root canal (which apparently could have helped me out at anytime in the past 15 or so years).


I haven’t given up on myself.  I have not slipped back into old patterns.  I have been eating what I could eat while I was dealing with all of this stuff.  Carrots and cucumbers and salads where you have to rip and tear your food-not so easy.

This afternoon as I left the dentist with a numb face I decided that Tomorrow is a new day.  New teeth (well filled and repaired ones) and a new Start on the plan.  I already feel better, that last filling was apparently causing me issues that I was not aware.  I am not going to go buggs bunny yet, but I know in the next day or two, I can and then-I am tackling this plateau with a vengeance.

So, I am asking for traveling mercies for the emotional trip. {christianes dictionary}{urban dictonary}

Today on WWConnect someone posted a link to Model My Diet.  I forgot
that awesomeness existed so I played a bit.  I put in where I started
and where I am now:
2016-04-25 20_59_00-Model My Diet _ Virtual Weight Loss Simulator and Motivation Tool _ Women
Pretty good reminder of the road I have traveled thus far.