So tired

(a 500 word ost)

Today is about perseverance.

In the face of adversity and all of that..which is to really say, I am damned lazy and I want to go to bed but it is not even 6 pm.

I don’t know what is wrong with me to day it could be any one of the following or a combination of any of:

I got up early and did the newsletter that I forgot to do last night
I ran three errands across town before 10 am
I rushed to the office to go have lunch at Chuy’s
(May 5th and all that Mexican stuff)
had chuy’s for lunch (which has started tearing up my guts but I eat in anyway-creamy jalapeño!)
rush back to the office to knock out the finishing touches on a company brochure that I have to present tomorrow
used my standing desk the entire time
ran to the chiropractor where the physical therapist/massage dude twisted me up like a pretzel for an hour-then I got all my bones cracked into submission
(why do I willingly do this to myself?)
then I came home and did some things in the office downstairs (again at a stand up desk)
took the garbage can to the street and on the way back started pulling a few weeds that were bugging me…
crawled up the stairs to the kitchen at 5 and fed the dogs-but felt like it was much later
ate some cereal and yogurt
dont remember the last time I took my allergy supplements (might explain the itchy eyeballs)

and THEN I remembered that I hadn’t written for today.  I headed back to the basement and saw that my bar stool (that I use when I am DONE standing up design) was covered in boxes for a project.  I was just going to use my Surface-until I realized that I left it at the office.


then, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted my beautiful ole MacBook.  Granted, it is about 6 years old and took about 15 minutes to fully boot AND about 10% battery power before I could type word one…it is humming along now.

So many times in this process I wanted to give up and just go to bed.  Hell, I don’t even have the energy to move this lawn chair so I can recline more while I type.

I wish I had trained my dogs to open doors and use the water and ice dispenser on the refrigerator, because I am out of a drink too.

I think I am dehydrated.

Silver lining-I am sitting on the deck, in the shade of a maple tree typing and enjoying the sounds of the neighborhood with two precious (untrained) dogs hanging with me.  I think they are wishing I would get up and get us all a drink of water judging by the length of their panting tongues.
And the most rotten part about being this exhausted…I have the house to myself and I don’t have the energy to enjoy it.


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