Sunny Mania

There is something about spring that get me going.
I think it might be the sunshine.

I live near Louisville, KY. It surprises people who don’t live here, but we have the same number of rainy/overcast days as Seattle. Winter is especially hard for me the older I get.

When I was younger, I didn’t understand why people would want to winter in warmer climates. Back then I loved the dark and cold. Now, not so much. I always equated HOT with HUMID and I am was not a fan of humid.

Turns out, I don’t mind humid if I am hydrated.

When I hated heat and humidity, I drank loads of carbonated sugary beverages and smoked like a freight train. I was perpetually dehydrated. So, in reality, my dehydrated body hated being hot-How odd.
(Seriously, some days I am amazed that I have made it to 46 years old without of extensive and comprehensive hospital stays).

Honestly, I am a smart person. I have just had huge gaps in my body self-awareness.

This morning, I am sitting at a local coffee shop with my husband planning the week, doing a little work and writing. We are sitting at the same table we grab every week (unless some uppity jerk gets here first). It near a window and the light is warming my hands as I type. Such beautiful sunshine.

A few years ago, during the winter I was so depressed I could barely get out of bed. This was about the same time I found out that because I quit smoking I tossed my body into an insulin resistance fit of revolt.

I was severely Vitamin D deficient-who knew that being a night out and actively avoiding sunshine could contribute to my health issues AND my depression. The doctor told me that I needed at least 5000 IU a day during the winter AND a UV Light to help with my mood. I got a Phillips GoLite the next week and now I have two “happy lights” one at the office and one at home. Starting in October-or near the time change, until the time changes again, I up my dose of D and pull out the lights.

During the spring and summer I cut my Vitamin D to around 2000 IU. This past winter was the first time in several years that I didn’t sink to the pits of hell. It was sort of refreshing to be able to get out of bed every day without crying.

I know that one day The Spouselet and I will move to somewhere with more light. That is one of my requirements for moving away from my home state. I will not have a lateral daylight move.

When I lived in Phoenix, I used to track the days- I missed my overcast Kentucky. Once, there was over 150 days without rain. Typical in the desert but so hard for me to fathom back then. I would get sunshine manic. Now, I crave sunshine mania.

Are you as sensitive to the light as I have become?

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