FFW Week 7

#11 To weigh less, weigh less.

I am a scale addict.

Every morning.

But, it is true, if I have a bad morning, even if it is hormonal induced, I flip out.  I don’t go on an eating binge, but I get blue and beat myself up over that ONE M (M&M’s are more than one LOL) that I ate, or a cracker instead of a corn chip.

Victoria suggests once a month weighing.
Weighing once a month will be impossible for me right now, I don’t trust it yet.

I know I am working through this book and applying all the little hints.  But so far, THIS is the biggest, hardest, worst and most scary.

I weighed this morning.
I am going to weigh myself before I go to the YMCA on tuesday and then weigh myself on their “dr” scale to see how it measures to what I have at home.  if it is close, then I will start weighing ONLY at the YMCA.
If it isn’t…

Then I will weigh myself once or twice a week.
for now.

Working up my courage and bravery to give a week a go.

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