Fit From Within Week 8

Let me start by saying that whole avoiding the scale thing has been REALLY HARD.
I am not happy about it at all.
I also made the mistake of telling my husband (in the name of accountability) and when I forgot cheated, he totally called me out.  Because the scale we own is NOT quiet. 

So, here I am.  
NOT getting on the scale.

Here is something to NOT DO the first week you are NOT getting on the scale:
Bathing suit shopping.
But, that is another blog post entirely.

THIS week:

“Get Honest About What You Eat”
“Write What You Eat and Keep on Writing”

I hate this.
I really do.
I don’t want to put pen to paper for EVERY blasted M I eat when I run to a co-workers office to de-stress.

I DO however, NEED to Journal more and better.
This month I have been doing an art gratitude journal with Bernice Hopper and even though some of the pages are quite horrid (which is what happens when I don’t make time for a project) I am sticking with it.

I have also ordered a Franklin Covey Zipper binder because the small 3 ring binder I am using is both stuffed to the gills and exploding (since it doesn’t zip, little bits of paper FLY out all the time).

AND in December I am doing a Holiday planning/journaling class with Rhomany.  I am SO excited about that one!

So, until I get all those bits set, I will work really hard to use my planning/food tracking exercise apps on my phone.
I will give myself a smiley sticker for every day I journal AND different color for every day I track.
Right now, blue stickers are for days I hit the pool.

Do you track food and exercise?
What system do you employ?


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