16 things (end of the week catch up)

I sat down this week and mapped out the next few months, planning projects and organizing life.
I tend to do that sort of thing in the fall.

Part of that process was mapping out this “fit from within” journey.  There were 16 things in the book that I already regularly do or have started doing.  So, for this project to be complete by the end of 2014  I decided to do a huge post on those items.

I was pretty proud of myself for already “doing” some of these things.
Three Cheers for me!

  1. Join a Friendly Gym (#37)
    We have been members of the local YMCA for a few years.  We chose to give up cable at home instead of the membership!
  2. Have Plenty of Healthy Food Around (#46)
    If there weren’t a young adult living in this house there would be no junk at all.  We even go through phases of gluten and meat free kitchens.
  3. Hire a Physician Who Respects You (#48)
    I had a Doctor who was an Ass and that is being generous.  I swear he would have killed me because he had such a disdain for “fat people” his only advice was “work harder”.  He ignored signs and issues that should have clued him into an issue.  Luckily, I “fired” him and now have an excellent doctor my entire family loves.
  4. Discover Yoga (#55)
    Back in the day I used to do Yoga on a regular basis, then I got an ingrown toe nail and that makes downward dog a real bitch.  It also didn’t help that the church we were attending at the time viewed it as satan’s scheme for your soul.  My husband’s office just started offering it weekly, so next Wednesday my happy ass will be tied up like a pretzel!
  5. Abstain from Weight Loss Gimmicks and Come-Ons (#56)
    I don’t even want to join a popular weight loss program because part of their thing is getting me to buy their processed food to “help”.  I have felt this way for almost 5 years.  Eating processe corn and plastic food might take off the weight, but I won’t be healthy for it.
  6. Do This Straight (#59)
    No Drugs or No Herbs that will supress appitite or “burn fat”.
    If I could quit smoking cold turkey, by god I can quit fat the same way!
  7. Shop the Produce Section First (#61)
    If you go in the right door at the grocery, it IS the first thing you pass.
  8. Be Wary of Diet Fads and Fashions (#65)
    This is a lot like #5, repackaged.
  9. Beware of Saboteurs (#68)
    (or Be AWARE of them) I have some good friends and family members that are well meaning as all get out but day-um they make being healthy hard.  In some cases you can not avoid them, but you can mark them with highlighter so you know they are there and take steps to deal with them!
  10. Get Checked out Physically (#70)
    I had honestly been avoiding this because I just KNEW they were going to try to load me up with a bunch of drugs to move the process along, so, I wasn’t going to go until I had lost 20 lbs.  STUPID.  I have an appointment the first of the month to see where I am and see if I can continue this journey with my doctor ON my team and with out medications 😉
  11. Get Plenty of Sleep (#72)
    I nap when I am tired!
    I also strive for at least 7 hours of sleep a night.
  12. Take Vitamins (#81)
    I don’t remember a time when I haven’t.
  13. Understand Your Rhythms (#83)
    I used to know myself so well that I could set a clock by my cycle.  I knew so much about myself that my old Doctor made me feel I was crazy because I “knew” something was wrong.  I stopped trusting myself and lost that gift.  I started tracking moods and stuff to try to get it back, but I have not been very successful or consistent.  However, I do realize that this is SUCH A BIG deal, I am making a commitment to be more aware of what is going on under my skin (and on it).
  14. Get Used to Sweating (#84)
    I hate to be hot.  Nothing pisses me off more than a super humid day.  HOWEVER, I have discovered that I don’t mind to sweat as much as I thought, especially when I am at the gym.  So, here is to sweat!
  15. Meet the Four NEW Food Groups (#90)
    Whole food people.  Unprocessed Grains, Veggies, Fruits and Beans.  JOY JOY.
    One caveat, I will NOT eat much soy product.  I noticed a few months back when I was ingesting a large amount of soy, I became a moody crazy lady.  SO, I guess “natural” hormone replacement therapy is out for me too, aw damn.  😉
  16. Allow yourself to Grow and Change (#100)
    I think that was obvious by deciding to go on this “FFW” Journey for the past 3 months and next full year.

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