Fit from Within Week 6

This week is a group of three bundled together, all dealing with food and eating food.

#8  Slow Down and Sit Down
#9  Eat Like a Healthy Human Being.
#10  If It Doesn’t Look Good, Don’t Eat It.

I have never had an issue with eating standing up, eating in the car on the run, YES.  Eating at my desk, YES…but standing up, rarely.  A few months back I made a deal with my therapist (at the time) that I would get up, out of my office and eat, somewhere else, even if I didn’t LEAVE the office.  That worked great when the weather was warm.  I had a chair form home and I pulled it out on the side landing and had lunch.  Now that it is cold…I am not going out there.  I need to find another private place where people will leave me the hell alone while I eat.  It is not easy in my office.

I have been doing much better with the eating like a healthy human until this weekend.  Work management retreat and a visit to my in-laws blew that all to hell.  The food at my in-laws was healthy, it was just more often and MORE than I have gotten used too.  The work event on the other hand…At a casino with nothing else around, captive by their offeringI did have my own breakfast bars and snack items and I did give my cookie away at lunch, but a box lunch with pasta salad and croissant AND cookie AND an apple…I also couldn’t get enough water or tea and ended up dehydrated all weekend.  Dinner at Jack Ruby’s was fabulous and I had red wine (which is better than white unless the server keeps filling your glass every time you turn your head)…the menu was set.

I don’t even want to weigh tomorrow (maybe I will hold off til Tuesday).

So…back to the grocery for some good NON-gluten offerings for this week!
No more eating crap for the sake of eating it.

Just say NO!

I am glad to be back home and getting back to the routine!

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