FTFW Week 5

And what a week it was.

Give up the notion of blowing it.
When you cannot blow it-even by eating to much-the times when you do overeat will become fewer and fewer.
~Victoria Moran

Oh so Very True!

This week was my birthday.  In the past no matter how well I had been doing up to the days of my birthday (yes we celebrate for days around here) I always fell off HARD and not only over ate but didn’t work out and “gave up” unitl after the holidays after all, next week is Halloween and then in 4 weeks is Thanksgiving.  My birthday is exactly two months from Christmas and then the next week is New Years…START THEN! Everyone else does.

SO, in the past with this mindset, I would have 10 good months to work on my weight and two months to F it all up.
And F it all up I did, yearly, in spades!

And it so could have gone the same way this year.
The girls at the office bought me a Red Velvet Cake (it is still up in the fridge).
My parents had Chipotle (yay) and a Carrot cake from a local eatery that is OMGSINFULGOOD! The left over chipotle AND Cake are up in the fridge.

I woke up the day before my birthday UP TWO WHOLE POUNDS.
This whole negative thing started in my head-last weekend was so good you were down to a number you hadn’t seen in 2 years…and NOW..
Gearing up for a good ole fit and old patter cycle.

LUCKILY, I hadn’t known about the party at the office and I had just eaten a bit of a snack before they called me down!
So, having a very small piece of cake was perfect
I didn’t eat the whole thing, it was to rich.

This morning the scale reflected that those two LBS MUST have been salt or some other culprit because everything is back to “normal”.

I had cake.
I ate all weekend and I didn’t fall into the old pattern.

This stuff is WORKING!

This upcoming week presents a new challenge, a work event out of town where everyone ALWAYS over indulges in EVERYTHING and then the spouse and I are going to see his mother who always cooks tons of super yum indian food.  Since I nailed this week.  I just might be ok next!

Thanks VIctoria Moran!

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