PT or Physical Torture

(this should have been published last week..rats)

Oh hell, I mean therapy.


I started working out on a regular basis in the beginning of September and about the middle of the month I started getting a pain in my knee when I would walk up or down stairs.  I did the elliptical one day at the Y and that evening my knee was super swollen and it really hurt.

A friend had suggested I try this new place for a therapeutic massage, but when I looked on their website, they had all sorts of options, massage, chiropractic care, physical therapy, personal training, holistic care…TONS of stuff.  I called to make an appointment and said, I am not sure WHAT I need, but I need something.  I do not want this issue to get me back off track.

(2 years ago I had a similar injury and by the time I was done with PT at a different place, I was so scared to exercise, I didn’t-I gained 15 lbs back and that REALLY helped with my Knee issue)

I started 2 weeks ago Friday.  For an hour I was put through the ringer.  I swear I didn’t know a person could experience the sensations I did and NOT vomit or pass out.  I learned something.

Twisted and tight muscles do not like to relax when they are in an agitated state for SO LONG.

According to my torture dude, I have probably been in a knot for  years.

And my poor knees and hips were compensating.

Twice a week for the past two weeks I have had my muscles stretched, poked, shredded and smooshed back into the proper place.

Two Saturday’s ago, I could not get money out of my own back pocket with out wincing.  I was TENDER.  It has not been that bad since the first time, but I still feel intense searing hot pain when he works on the muscles in my back.

Hell, either my knee doesn’t hurt at all anymore or the pain in so minor compared to THIS, I am golden below my hips!

After an hour of the therapy, I get to spend 30 minutes with another artist of evil, the exercise physiologist.  His job is to make my weak muscles (the one the PT tore down) strong again.  He discovered that my real issue is a weak hip flexor-and I have a slew of exercises that go with that.

The best thing-I am getting better, I can feel it and as much as I whine and moan, I can tell the difference.
I can notice when I am sitting in a way that contributes to my problem.
I notice when I step wrong and how my body tries to compensate.

The second best thing, this group of professionals did not want me to abstain from exercise and working out, they want me to continue what I am doing.
Last time, I had to stop, I could only do the exercises they provided for the course of the treatment, nothing else, not even walking.

Luckily , this time I have kept up with my routine despite the therapy and the only obstacles have been scheduling conflicts.

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