FFW Week 2 (Fit from Within)

Now that I am serious about this stuff and paying attention/ being aware.  Things are clicking and it is kinda interesting….

#3 Include A Spiritual Component


Several weeks ago I pre-ordered a book that an artist I had been following on Instagram wrote.  I knew it would be released until later, but it looked like something I wanted to read and I know that if I don’t do something when it is on my mind, it could be YEARS before the thought crosses again.  The book was delivered on Thursday afternoon.

I started reading it Friday morning.

WOW.  I am not reading a head in Fit From Within, I am playing along like I would if I were really reading it.  I had no idea that this weeks “secret” was the spiritual component.

So, this week, I am going to kick back, read the fire out of this amazing book and post a review later in the week.
(so far, 30 something pages in, I have cried twice….)
Good Stuff.

How is your week going?


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