The End of an Era

Oh, I am so dramatic.
But, it is.  Earlier in the season I thought I would still go to games and take pictures and then realized I don’t enjoy it as much if the kids I know and watched grow up are not on the field.

Last year was my son and his class’ Senior Night.
Last night was round two of “my crew”.


See, when Q was in middle school I was the “team mom”. During the spring season I fed those boys food every Tuesday and Thursday for 3 years.  I knew which one liked ham, or turkey, which would would bribe or sneak Goldfish.  Who hated Cheetos…They were not my kids, they were my boys.

I also took pictures of them playing those seasons, back before I had a great camera and “fast” glass.  It was my Canon Rebel and a 75-300 5.6.

When I started shooting them most of them were barely as tall as my shoulder, now it is the other way around.  I have watched them grow through their awkward stage, through pimples and braces and voice changes and come out on the other side with hairy legs and scruffy beards.
seniornight (48)
But not only that, these boys were my “experiment” in photography.
Shooting them day after day,
season after season,
morning, noon and night,
Sun, rain, SNOW.

I experienced every condition possible.
I would encounter a tricky lighting condition and they were my testing ground.

Through those years, I realized that I am not as much of a portrait or sports photographer as I thought I was.  The people that I shot well were people I knew, and people I loved.  If I don’t have that connection, the spark and the heart isn’t there.

So, going forward, I will still shoot family and friends and events that have my heart but professionally, I am sticking to real estate and architecture.  Structure and Form.  Because while those things also have my heart, there isn’t an emotion in it.  Form and Function.  Something I can never attach to humans.

I am looking forward closing this chapter, freeing up some emotional and creative space for a few other ventures.

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