I Picked a Bad Week to Start…

I actually started hitting the gym last week, but I had a plan for this week…M-W-F, I was going to get up early hit the gym-do a spin class, or water aerobics or just hop on a bike for as long as I could breathe.  I got fresh batteries in the heart rate monitor so I could actually SEE how I was doing.  I was sure I had towels and my inhaler (for the activity induced asthma I never knew I had-but now explains so much)…

Then on T-Th-Sa-Su, the spouse and I were going to walk/run the dogs and do a little yard house maintenance instead of the gym.

I was ready.

Good to go…

and then this morning, I could not get out of bed.  I couldn’t wake up, I could barely breathe.
In all my planning and excitement, I had forgotten to take my allergy meds all weekend.
I think I have developed an allergy to the beautiful, ancient (18 yr old) cat that lives in my bedroom, because there is NO OTHER reasonable explanation for this allergy/breathing funk.

Well, other than it is 50 bajillion degrees outside right now.
I feel like I woke up in the Amazon this morning.  It was probably 80 something degrees but it was stifling at 7 am.
It was 91 degrees today, but with the heat index was closer to 100.

Right now, it is 10:33 pm and it is HOT in the basement.
I have never been hot in my basement.
I am going to have to move a cot down here, because if I am uncomfortable in my basement, I can’t imagine what it is like in the 2nd level bedroom.
(I don’t think the AC has stopped running once today and it is set at 75).

What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?

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