FTF #20-Milestone

I have been lacking this week (and last week too, it appears) so, I am posting this a little late today (while I dig up some stuff I actually like).

It is funny that when you are in a grump mood you don’t really want to share much with the outside world.  I have been experiencing that in a HUGE way.
(I might blog about it soon…maybe).

For now, Enjoy this:

Burrito Bed/Chair/Sofa.  Fun.  This is all the furniture you need in your first apartment.

Steak Doneness. -chart of cooked beef. Does anyone really eat Blue Rare?  (so gross)…I should so be a vegetarian.

I haven’t eaten much bread lately, so maybe I could start sculpting it.  Check out MILENA KOROLCZUK‘s amazing work.

Ok, this one isn’t enjoyable, as much as it is educational (and freekin’ scary).  AGBeat shares a video about Identity Theft.

This is a great idea, if it were a little more affordable for a front desk pen solution.

These would be great in a shared office environment or a library.  I want an Open Book Chair.


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