FTF #21

It is hot this week, but here are some cool things:
(see what I did there…Looks like working for a real estate company all these years have paid off in the cheese puns migrating to my blog.)

Now this is a memorable business card.  Tommy Perez.

Why you need a Distraction Chair. This also goes with getting up and away from your desk for a bit, change of scenery.  Some days, I do not get up from my desk except to grab my lunch from the fridge or go to the potty.  This weekend I got a chair like this one, to take to the office and set up out on the “fire escape” so I can have some private peace during the day.

I think I am getting the hint here people.  Why You Shouldn’t Eat at Your Desk.

Wish we had this when my son was going through a phone every three months.  NeverWet.
(but, it would still be nice to have it on a shirt for days when I eat at the food truck!)

This would be a great addition for Help Portrait too!  My Favorite New Photography Tool… (FStoppers)

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