Fun Thing Friday #26 on a Sunday and not really Fun…

I am not going to start doing Fun Thing Friday again, it was getting really REALLY hard to keep up with a post every Friday displaying a variety of AWESOME found through out the week.  So, Instead I am going to do a random post when ever I come up with 10 things.  I thought about making it less and more, but I like 10.  It is a good even number.  It is the number of my birth month and I have always been partial to it.

So, here is the start of a new-old thing, repackaged for your enjoyment.

  1. I am taking an Oprah Life Class.
    I never thought I would take an Oprah class but then one of my most favorite geeky, researchy, wholehearted humans decided to teach one (The Gifts of Imperfection) AND my loving spouselet gave it to me for Christmas.  So, I am in…ALL in and dude.  It is awesome and and hard!  (getting all authentic and stuff).
    I am a pen addict.  Honestly.  I will buy a pen, test it out and then take it to the office if it doesn’t meet my strict “left handed” criteria.
    I swear there are some pens that are engineered for right handed people.  Right handed people will LOVE LOVE LOVE a pen and give it to me and ICK!  (this could really be a whole series on its own-LEFTY PENS!)
  3. OkDoThis.
    Jeremy Cowart is one amazing photographer and pretty smart dude.  He has been talking about this app (no kidding) for like 3 years.  It is finally available on IOS (they are still working on the Android version), so if you have an iphone…Check it out.  I love it.  It is great for anyone who wants to spark their creativity.  There is a “photo” of the day prompt that can really get your creative mojo–jojoing!
  4. Post Crossing
    Awesome.  I am sending and getting post cards from all over the world and all it costs is the price of an international stamp (Just went up to $1.15).  I have gotten 4 cards back and I have sent 9.  I am getting ready to send more.  I am also thinking of setting up preferences to get personal art as a preferred card.  You should try it!
  5. This will change the way you look at Selfies.
    True.  Might want a tissue.
  6. 10 Horrible Blogging Tips.
    But some of them would be fun to watch the flame war that was a result of one of these tips.  (BTW, if you aren’t reading Jon’s blog, you should be…10 kinds of awesome)
  7. My favorite Football player.
  8. How Do  YOU Define Yourself-Lizzie Velazquez  Beautiful Ted Talk.
  9. I am pretty sure I am not Relaxing.  Are you? “My days off? Should not be filled with the same ever-loving things.”  She is right.  Which adds to my argument about NOT being on social media while on vacation.  The one thing I am hessitant on is Instagram, it brings me great joy, and never the stress/irritation that ALL other “social” venues provide.
  10. The February Experiments.  from Daisy Yellow.  Need a boost to creativity?  Here is a little “game” to score yourself and get your competitive nature moving toward completing creative goals!  woot, woot.

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