Fit from Within #19

Right out of the gate, I am calling FOUL on this one.

Don’t let the Details Get You Down

It might work for some people but as the “weigh less to weigh less” debacle taught me…
I need some details!

If I do not pay attention to the details then they do not only get me down in the log run, they get me overwhelmed and freaked out and then I go crazy mean and take it out on myself by eating a crap ton of food AND being an unsufferable bitch to my family.

It is VERY easy for me to ignore the “little things” until they have taken over the house and grown legs.

I think that it is because I have a very ADD like brain.  I need a schedule. I need a list.
I NEED Details.

LACK of detail is part of what got me in this mess.

But, what Moran means in this chapter is don’t do something like travel abroad because you have all this piddly crapola in your way and THAT is what makes you eat.
I don’t think I have that problem.

I AM doing or have done MOST of my big stuff.

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