Week 11 posted on Week 12

Yeah, the holiday spirit has kicked in high gear and I didn’t even realize I didn’t post last week…

SO, here is what should have been done then.

#16 Let your Body Determine its Right Size and Shape
#22 Wear Clothes You Like in Your Current Size

I have never had much of an issue with my shape.  I know my frame and how I am built and even when I weigh MUCH less there are somethings that I am just never going to be able to wear…women’s jeans for one.  (I don’t have much of a hip, so boy/men’s jeans will ALWAYS look better on me than women’s).  I am ok with that.

Wearing clothes I like in my current size is an issue.  Again for the way I am built- not many clothing companies make stuff I like IN a size I can wear…Lane Bryant is just as bad at body typing as stores that cater to smaller sizes.  LB thinks that all fat people have huge boobs.  I can’t buy a bra at Victoria Secret and I can’t get one at LB either.  Screw them both.

I can find bra’s online all day long but WHO wants to order a strange new bra with out trying it on…NOT ME!
Oh, I digress…

Maybe I do punish myself by not buying stuff I like in an appropriate size or maybe it isn’t just me.

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