Fit from Within (the next week)

Better known as week 10.

Turn me over, I am done.
I am NOT a happy person about this whole process, but this is what happens when I fall hard.  Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, don’t judge yourself, everyone has setbacks,

Move forward.
One day at a time.

Oh bite my behind!

This week has been one big WHEAT fest.  I do not have celiac’s, but I am pretty wheat sensitive.

When I eat to much of it, I can guarantee one or more (heck and even sometimes ALL) of the following occur in my body:

  • Bloated
  • I retain water in my neck, so even though I have only gained 2 lbs, it looks like 45 IN MY NECK.
  • Headache
  • Stuffy Head
  • bloody nose (dry nose)
  • dry skin
  • super itchy legs and arms (that even lotion can’t help)
  • achy joints
  • swollen ankles
  • lovely smelly gas
  • and (depending on the magic number) my hair falls out (not all of it but it is noticeable in the shower and way more than the “normal” daily hair loss)

I forget how horrible it makes me feel until I am in the middle of it and then I remember, I used to feel like this every day.

Couple THIS completely unattractive body situation (and I swear to you I am NOT exaggerating-see below):


The one on the left is thanksgiving morning, before we headed to wheatfest, the image on the right was last night, LESS than THIRTY HOURS after the first picture…
Call me Betty Blowfish.

Ironically this is supposed to be the “refrain from judging appearances (because the less you look at OTHERS that way, you won’t feel like others look at YOU that way),  Hysterical, because I don’t spend much time judging other people, I am too busy looking at my own damned neck.


The other “hint” I have flagged for this week was “make peace with your past and other people”.
I am golden with crap from 20 years ago, but this business with what I ate on Thursday, is going to take a bit longer.

As I am typing this and cracking myself the HELL up, I am realizing that I might not be Zen enough for this “from within” crap.

But as long as it keeps pissing me off and making me laugh, I will probably blog about it.

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