God is Awesome-The Bible (on the History Channel) is Not.

Man, I was so looking forward to watching this mini-series.  Maybe it is because everywhere I turned the American Media Marketing Machine had an ad for it, or maybe it was that “The Bible App” (from LifeChurch.TV) was the “official app of THE BIBLE”-and every time I opened it to read my Lenten Devotional, I got a reminder to watch.  Or maybe, I am just a glutton for punishment.

The Spouselet and I watched it last night and durn, he was so bent out of shape he couldn’t  sleep for hours.  To much violence, and odd connections had him all restless.

I jumped up this morning to see if I was the only one disappointed and came across this article from The Christian Science Monitor.

Yeah, everything she said plus- I completely forgot who was behind this project.  I was so distracted by the odd commercial breaks and weird cuts in the whole thing.  I told the spouselet that whoever did this, was “new” to production or thought they were going to get a major sponsor that would pay for the gig to be commercial free. And when the commercial free thing fell through they had to fit in commercial breaks.  And then this morning I was reminded TWICE (once by an article in Relevant Magazine-see it IS everywhere) and again when I read the CSM post.  Roma Downy and Mark Burnett KNOW what they are doing, so that leaves me even more confused.

Part of me wants to write off the rest of the series, because I honestly don’t want to see a cut to commercial break as they are forcing Jesus to drag his cross down the street.  And then there is the snark part of me (the fallen me, if you will) that wants to watch it so that I can have blog commentary.  I think that I am gonna let it go and if by some miracle it gets really good, I will, I am sure for $19.95 be able to own my own personalized DVD set with some kind special edition something-something.

I think I am going to go back and re-read that Michael Gungor Article in Relevant-About Christian Art.  (Honestly, worth the price of the entire magazine)

EDITED TO ADD: Lookie what I found on the Relevant Site!  (but seriously, get this magazine even if it is for young hipsters and you are in your mid to late 40’s.  good stuff)

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