A Peeve of the Automotive Variety

I don’t know if this happens in other parts of the country or world but, people in my area of Kentucky, HATE, waiting for a train to pass.

Everyday, I witness several near misses where there are cars waiting to turn to go over a crossing and the cars behind them do not want to wait. These drivers will pass the stopped cars on the left, in a double yellow line.

Now, imagine that the road (and the tracks run north and south, parallel.) North bound car decides he is to. Important to wait and then so does south bound person. And they either meet at the intersection and scramble around each other, or some one ends up having to back up because their timing was off and now they are facing on coming traffic in the wrong lane.

Tonight, I counted 5 near misses, many of the cars that chose to pass didn’t meet on coming traffic.

When did we get so hurried that we no longer feel the need to obey traffic laws?

I also realized as I was writing this, that bad city planning (or no city planning is also at fault.). Maybe no where else in the world do you have train tracks running parallel to main roads.

Have you witnessed this, or am I the only one?

3 thoughts on “A Peeve of the Automotive Variety

  1. not alone (big pet peeve of mine) and then there’s the “don’t stop in the box with the x’s” in front of McDonalds… don’t get me started!

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