Techno Tithe

Y’all last Sunday at church they were talking about tithing, not like part of the sermon, the campus pastor (I go to a multi-campus church) was telling a story about when he started to tithe with direct deposit and how he felt funny, like people were giving him the side eye for not putting something in the bag (they use bags instead of offering plates).

I got all twitchy.

I can tech with the best of them.  Heck, some days my 24 year old son calls ME for help with his technology.

So, I GET how it works.
I just can’t. Or won’t.

It isn’t because I am scared of the pew mate side eye.  I am not worried about the safety of the online app.

I need to feel it.
I need to go to the bank on Friday (before I pay for anything else)and get my cash for the week out and then take a portion of that cash and put it in the envelop and KNOW…

And, honestly, some weeks it is hard- to put that cash in the envelop and carry it all weekend to offer on Sunday.

This isn’t to say that I am not cheerful or thankful.  I am, but I also know myself.  I will sign up for an app and have an automatic deduction and never use it again.  But the things that are not automatic.

The conscious decisions.  Those are in the forefront of my mind.
They are deliberate, choices.

It gives me an opportunity to be thankful and acknowledge the creator of the universe.

Every time the subject comes up of “online giving” or automatic deductions I twitch a little.

I can’t afford to be automated.


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