in the saddle.

in the swing.

from- I actually don’t even know where.

I noticed before yesterday, it had been a really long time since I posted, or even considered posting.

When I logged in to do write the “lying” post I had a draft from a great story that was 2 years old. I had started writing and I guess it got hard express the emotions or it was going to far off course and I never went back. I deleted it and it felt good.

Since last night I have had 3 topics come up that I didn’t want to tweet, insta or FB- because they were too layered. To much to say in 280 characters, a hash tagged image or not up for judge mental scrutiny that FB tends to bring these days.

Here I am, dusting off the rafters- chasing the dust bunnies out the door and looking for some tools to bring life back into this old blog shack.

Please, pull up a chair. Brew a cup and stay awhile.

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