If only a nap would help.

I wrote the following yesterday.  I didn’t post then because I thought I had more to say…Nope.

So here ya go…

I am tired y’all.

Just so tired.


I don’t feel much of anything but tired with a side of angry.

I have discovered, when I am stressed, eat and sleep.

We had another school shooting-16 or 19 depending on who’s numbers you believe.  And this time, in part it appears that a teenage boy got rejected (and possibly embarrassed by) a girl from school so, he did the only logical thing and killed her and anyone near her.  Killed 10, wounded 10 others including the school resource officer.

Ok, on this one, I will give all the gun rights people a break on the “it is a heart issue” because sure as heck looks like that doesn’t it.

Poor little Dimi had a heart hurt so he made sure everyone paid for it.  I long for the days when a woman (or young girl) can say, “I think you are a swell dude, but, No.” and the swell dude is mature enough to say OK, thank you for your honesty.

Instead of “No” and then she has look over her shoulder or worry about him thinking that “your mouth says no, but your body says yes baby.” And advancing anyway.  Or coming to school and KILLING her for not being attracted to him.  Seriously.

How often to men have this worry?
Seriously.  When?

And, right before I read that lovely little tidbit, I watched the video of Asia Argento, Italian Actress:  http://variety.com/2018/film/news/cannes-asia-argento-harvey-weinstein-1202816859/

This woman spoke her truth about her experience and what happened to her at that very festival when she was a young woman.  She got awkward silence as she spoke but at the end of her brief speech she got a roaring round of applause.

Speaking truth.

Or as Brene Brown calls it “speaking truth to bullshit.”

Because the way we treat each other is bullshit.

Also in the news yesterday was Bishop Michael Curry’s sermon at the royal wedding.  He spoke of love.  No just marital love, but love as a force, a fire, power, love of God and love AS GOD.  Love has the power to change the world!


As a follower of Christ.  Knowing we are all created in the image of God and we are COMMANDED to love one another-HOW, How as a church, a body of Christ who are commanded to LOVE ONE ANOTHER, can we allow our sisters and our children to be continually treated in this way?

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