Flowerchild, Late Bloomer

I have written 5 blog posts in the past year.  2 of them about being “convicted” about tensions in this country.  I have wanted to post more but I let fear get in the way.

You can read both of them here- “Convicted” and “I am a Branch”

My friend Jackie said that she always felt that she should have been a child of the sixties.  I agreed with her sentiment.  I always felt like my place in time was the “summer of love” but I wasn’t even birthed yet…  She said that maybe that feeling was preparing her for what we are experiencing in this country now.

I think she may be right.

I am more prepared in so many ways.  Age and wisdom and all that.

I decided this weekend that if I have something to say, I am going to post it, or tweet it or whatever social media the fire out of it!  I can no longer be silent. I can no longer be afraid, especially of “what will people think”.

It doesn’t matter what people think.
It matters what is right.
It matters what is holy.

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