Traveling Mercies

I have been a weight watcher member for about 16 months (this round) and in the past 12 I have been fighting with the same 5 pounds.  Gain 2 lose 2.5, lose 1, gain 4, lose 2…Up and down, over and over.  I was ok with that because I was NOT going UP week after week, I just wasn’t going down.

The past 2 months however, have been a slow and constant creep.  I have felt it but I wasn’t sure what to do about it.  I was trying to figure out if it was the usual suspects- Family stress, work stress-boredom eating.  WHAT?

I have been on the verge of quitting, but I know that as soon as I do the 26 lbs I have kept off this far will find me fast.  Past experience an all.

Today, as I pulled in the dentist office for the 4th procedure in as many months, it hit me.  The right side of my mouth has been a frickin train wreck. I switched dentists because I felt like the one I had wasn’t listening to my concerns and HELLO-that was confirmed when I had 4 cavities and the need for a root canal (which apparently could have helped me out at anytime in the past 15 or so years).


I haven’t given up on myself.  I have not slipped back into old patterns.  I have been eating what I could eat while I was dealing with all of this stuff.  Carrots and cucumbers and salads where you have to rip and tear your food-not so easy.

This afternoon as I left the dentist with a numb face I decided that Tomorrow is a new day.  New teeth (well filled and repaired ones) and a new Start on the plan.  I already feel better, that last filling was apparently causing me issues that I was not aware.  I am not going to go buggs bunny yet, but I know in the next day or two, I can and then-I am tackling this plateau with a vengeance.

So, I am asking for traveling mercies for the emotional trip. {christianes dictionary}{urban dictonary}

Today on WWConnect someone posted a link to Model My Diet.  I forgot
that awesomeness existed so I played a bit.  I put in where I started
and where I am now:
2016-04-25 20_59_00-Model My Diet _ Virtual Weight Loss Simulator and Motivation Tool _ Women
Pretty good reminder of the road I have traveled thus far.


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