Today at this moment I have been convicted. (Still in the church parking lot actually)

Last year I unfriended soooo many people on Facebook-because I was having a colossal shift in my world view. I needed the freedom to say what I was thinking and feeling with out offending or receiving judgement.

Looks like I was hiding my light.

  So very thankful that I went back to SECCOC with my sister and her family a few weeks ago.

I have had a love/hate relationship with the church for decades. In my 20’s, I had friends who were hurt deeply by this church.

In my 30’s I was a member of a church that was jealous of the success (I can’t even talk about how wrong this is) of Southeast.

I started going to the OC campus 2 years ago-I needed a worship experience like I get when I am in Nashville at Crosspoint. (As much as this sounds like I want to be entertained- that isn’t it).

I stopped going to SECC because I had one or two theological itches that really bugged me.  The week that I went back with my sister’s family Kyle Idleman said something to the effect of “if you agree with everything your church teaches, there is a problem.”

Of course he was right and I needed to hear it.
That series was called The Outsiders.   Basically, confirming my long held belief that it doesn’t matter WHAT the government  or society does as people of God and followers of Christ, it is OUR job to speak truth in love AND LOVE.

That series stirred something in my heart.
And now we are tackling isms.  Tearing Down Walls is what it is called and today was on Racism.

So, this brings me to the “convicted” part…
Way back up at the top I said I unfriended LOADS of people.
I didn’t want the confrontation.
I didn’t want want to be bold and uphold what is holy.
I don’t need to be right.
I don’t need to be loved.
I need to do what Jesus needs done.

And it scares the shit out of me.

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