I think I am to old for this…

(a 500 word post)

I made it almost 24 days in a row until the world spun out of control. Nothing life altering happened, but several small family emergencies took precedence last week.

I lost my focus.
I didn’t post here, I didn’t work on another project.
I kept up with my day job at a bare minimum.

Over the weekend I worked my first craft/art show since the man child was 7 or 8. I quit when he started playing soccer-that occupied all of our free time for the next 10 years. I loved it, I used that time to develop photography skills instead of creating polymer clay items for sale. But I missed that level of creating.

I didn’t miss clay so much because it is a plastic polymer and I wasn’t willing to cure it in the same oven we ate dinner out of. I had to let it go. It was hard because I was good at what I created. I never realized HOW good, until this weekend.

Granted Friday night was slow until around 7:30 PM and people were there to eat more than shop, but I did see people buying, the lady next to us sold a crapton of her repurposed coffee bags.

Saturday it started raining at 11:30. Not a little misty sprinkle that had been going on since we got there at 9. No this rain, was a street flooding, our boxes are getting soaked standing water rain. We cut and ran. I looked at the forecast, I knew it was going to rain like that for at least 2 hours. And there was potential for severe weather.

Screw it.

I have a full time job and that wasn’t it. I couldn’t afford to take a few days off this week to recover if I got a cold from sitting in that weather.

My friend and I also decided that we weren’t going to do outdoor shows again…not cut out for it. When you do a show inside, you don’t really have to depend on the weather…if it is raining out, people will COME INSIDE TO SHOP…same with if it is cold…the only thing where this matters if it is snowing 3 feet.

As we packed up the last box and ran a block to our car I heard someone ask the lady next door “why aren’t you packing up?” She replied, “We aren’t allowed.”

Well rats.

I don’t know…I suppose people who do that as a full time job have paid for insurance to cover the cost of lost and damaged items from keeping their booth open-I don’t. I suppose her fear was that she would not be asked back to the show.

From my experience of not one sale, that won’t hurt me so bad-right now my friend and I are out over $300 preparing for an outdoor show…not to mention all the money I spent on the food trucks.

I don’t know if it is that I am not cut out for doing shows outside or if I am just too old.

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