More kitty

(a 500 word post)

I had planned on penning a post about the cats under the house that my son rescued when he was 10.  That was going to be my make up post last night for being behind yesterday,

That didn’t happen.

Heck, today almost didn’t happen either.  Right now, I am home alone.  Well, home-human alone.  The boy is at work and the spouselet is having dinner with a friend.  I can finally breathe for a minute.

Somedays, it is really hard for me to function in a house full of men and dogs (and now cats).

I feel bad for my big old dogs, they are being fed and that is about it.  I have not meant to ignore them but the kittens need so much more attention than an 11 and 13 year old dog.

Let’s make this post an update about the baby kitties.

Right now, they are in my bathroom.  We have moved them in there because there isn’t a place for then to get stuck or hide where we can’t reach them…no carpet to get their claws stuck and if they miss the litter box, easily cleaned.

They are eating replacement milk and a bit of cat food mixed in (with a hand held mixer) at one meal a day.  Two of them are using the litter box on their own for bowel movements, but still need a little help in the urination department.

They must be closer to 5 weeks than we thought because they are playing with each other like crazy.  Today we introduced crinkly and fluffy toys for them to bat around.

They are developing nicknames so that when we are handing them off to each other we can say which one we mean with out saying, the gray and white one or the black one or the white one or the blackk and white one…it just takes to long.

so, we have Michael Jackson McCartney (Michael for short)…I say Michael McCartney because of ebony and ivory, sunny says Michael Jackson and sings that black and white song of his.  Yes, it is the black and white cat.

Then there is Earl Gray (sunny calls him something else, but I don’t remember what)…the most advanced cat and the gray and white one.

The back cat, is the runt-there really isn’t a name for him/her yet either…

The last one-has the best name, either toupe or mohawk.  He is white except for a little gray patch on the top of his head.  when he plays with his siblings, his hair stands on end so it looks like a mohawk and when he isn’t just a plan ole wig.  He is the second most advanced.

I am not sure why I am referring to them all as male-we have no idea what they are…I guess we shouldn’t get to attached to names until we know what their parts are and if the vet clears them as healthy.

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