Oh, and I am allergic

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I didn’t write yesterday. I didn’t mean for the day to get away from me, but it did. Part of it was TGIF! I am not sure why this week was so tiring, but all I wanted to do was watch Mad Men with the spouselet until I couldn’t see straight.

We were moving along quite nicely on that plan with the 20 year old came home at midnight and asked me to come to the downstairs bathroom, ne needed to show me something.

I knew what it was going to be before I got out of my bedroom.

Something alive.
Something furry.
Something that was going to need A LOT of care.
Something I did not want to deal with.

And then he opened the door, and in a big cardboard box lined with a pink fluffy blanket where the four smallest (non-weaned) kittens. Not that I have ever seen because when he was about 9 there were kittens under our house. (Another story, for another day).

He and his girlfriend had researched. They knew that these little babies probably still needed to have help with learning to eliminate waste. (I am not describing it here, go look it up if you don’t know). They need to be fed every FOUR HOURS with a bottle. They have already found homes for 3 of them and he swears he is keeping the little white one. They are taking them to a vet today to get checked out.

I am concerned that they are not healthy. Mama cats don’t leave babies unless they are sick or she is dead. Either way, they were wild cats, milling about on the side of the road (that is how they found them).

Oh and I am allergic.

I always try to pretend that my inability to breathe after handling a cat has NOTHING to do with then and everything to do with some other histamine force in nature. So, being impaired by cat dander didn’t stop me from picking them up and holding them…getting their allergy funk ALL OVER ME (and my shirt). I did wash my hands after dealing with them, but I slept in the shirt they were all lovey on.

I woke up with a sore throat and itchy eyes.

I told the kids they can’t stay at our house, those precious babies were perfect snack size for two 55 pound dogs. Those kittens are smaller and slower than squirrels that my dogs “played with” until they stopped moving.

And I have a plan. An animal reduction plan. My dogs are 11 and 13. Winding down their time on this rock. Scooting toward the rainbow bridge. I do not want to start this cycle over with a cat (that could live to be 20).

AND, I am allergic.

This morning, first thing, the girlfriend was back at my house with a box lined with a pink fluffy blanket and four kittens. Her family won’t let them stay at their house either.

They are NOT staying with me.
And, I am allergic.

2 thoughts on “Oh, and I am allergic

  1. Found why you have unweaned kittens at your house! lol

    With their eyes and ears open, they most likely do not need help eliminating. If they’re at least 5-6 weeks old, they can be weaned. It’s early yes, but they don’t need to be bottle fed, just a mixture of kitten formula and kitten food made into a mush). They don’t look too sick, maybe a URI. Mama is most likely dead, or they were dumped :/

    From the BTDT life of a puppy bottle-feeder.

    • They have their canines, but not pre-molars. Two of them are not as sure of their feet as the others- two can drink formula out of a dish- two not so sure- we have some wellness canned food to mix with formula and will try that next feeding- we also have bottles of that doesn’t go so well-

      I think they do still need a bit of help eliminating but so far only one has had a movement- all 4 have urinated.

      Sunny thinks 2 are male- but I don’t know if he can tell that yet.

      He is smitten.

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