Moving a huge chunk off my plate.

(a 500 word post)

I am getting pretty excited, this is day 20 of 500 words a day. Some days I know I could have written more and some days it was really hard to knock out a post. Today, is a bit of another celebration post.

For the past few months I have been working on a project for my “day” job. I have been creating a company book talking about what we offer, the areas we serve and what we do. The first round was so wordy that my Brother in law and I decided that we needed to cut the crap and get down to bare bones, if someone has questions about a service or program, this leaves the conversation open for them to talk to their sales associate.

The management team had seen part of the first wordy version. They had no idea the radical changed that were made.

That was what I had to present today.

I learned Adobe InDesign for this project. I know a bit of Photoshop, I use Lightroom almost weekly so I thought “why the heck not”.

Holy Hell that was a learning curve.

But, it was so fun.

It is one of the things that I love about my job-I can create a marketing piece or we can shop it out. 15 years ago, I did the company website, I loved learning HTML. I had to give over and hire a company when technology go to the point of incorporating live listing data. The only thing I regret about hiring a company-my programming knowledge has come to a screeching halt.

Luckily for me, there are apps and programs that will do most of what I need done these days on a personal level and when there isn’t (or I can’t afford it) in walks my awesome spouselet.

Today was the big meeting.

I printed copies of the almost compete book, there are still a few pages that need additional data and images. I had one for every manager and a “master” correction copy for them to make notes of what they needed updated (proofed) to pass around. Having the master prevented me from thumbing through 10 copies for changes. Besides, I wanted them to have it.

They loved it. Outside of “can you change this word” or “add this program” there was nothing but love.   Working for family can be hard. Working for family when you have other non-family principals can be even more interesting.

This was a huge win on so many levels for me. I felt like Sally Field. I also realize that this post sounds like I am 20 years old instead of 46. Daddy approval is strong with this one.

But as a creative. As an artist.

The layout-MINE.
The photography (ALL the photography minus corporate logos and two banner’s created with corporate stock photography) MINE.

The words-MINE.

I did have input and guidance from a few people in the office, but this baby, for the most part, ALL MINE and it was well received.

Man, I love outside validation.

Oh and I lost another .4 lb.

So, how was your Wednesday?

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