Success feels good.

(a 500 word post)

This week, I was able to go back to my usual weight watchers meeting. Weigh-in Wednesday has been my stability since the beginning of January.

As mentioned earlier, last week was a little disappointing, but not unexpected with the crap I ate. I knew this week would be better. According to my scale I had hit my 10% goal. But at home, I don’t have my “official weigh in” outfit. I can never remember the difference between my scale at home and the scale at the meeting.

I always use the same scale at the meeting and wear the same outfit. I am not sure what I am going to do when this current one no longer fits (because it is falling off my bones)…but I don’t have that problem yet.

I walked into the meeting and set my things down and got in line to weigh in. I was surprised that the woman who weighed me last Friday was at this meeting because she normally isn’t. She remembered me and how I was a little blue that I had gained and not lost-but that I also said that it worked out for the best because I wanted to celebrate with my home meeting.

I got on the scale.

I made my goal. Actually, I kinda crushed it.

I lost the 1.2 I gained the week before AND ANOTHER half a pound on top of that. To date, I have lost 20.6 pounds.

I got the bling. I have a charm that says 10% on it.

But wait, there is more.

I also got a charm that says 4, for 4 months’ worth of meetings.

(I know right)
a 5 pound sticker in my book!

I danced and cheered and had all sorts of fun behind that little scale wall.

I put my shoes back on and went next door to Starbucks and got a Trenta, black, unsweet tea to celebrate. (not really, I have one of those almost every day and then drink water the rest of the time).

The best thing was telling the meeting what I have learned and what is working for me. I told them I EVEN had cake and STILL lost 2.2 pounds. I also told them that I don’t track, I do a modified simply living…

…which means I am doing something completely outside of what their books are telling them.

It means that I don’t buy the carb laden food that weight watchers creates and sells.

I don’t eat much fruit anymore, maybe a “lunchbox” size apple (which used to be the normal sized apple) and when I see a honey crisp apple that is as big as my head, I kind a freak out, but, that used to be my nightly snack.

1 apple that could easily count as 3. I ate one every night with peanut butter.
It was “healthy”.

I cannot even think of the sugar that was in the super-now normal apple I ate every day.

SO, I made it!
Now I have to make it again…

Here is to another 10%-this time I hope to get there before August.

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