Best laid Plans

(a 500 word post)

I didn’t write yesterday, I even had a story to tell, but then life got in the way or more specifically a Pilot hauling a camper on Interstate 71.

Earlier in the week, I had won an auction on Everything but the House and last night the spouselet and I were going to drive up to Cincinnati and pick it up. We left the house at 4:30 and had to be at the warehouse by 7pm. The google maps said we would get there at 6:05.

We headed up and when we hit the Sligo exit I stopped to get gas because it is always 20 cents cheaper up there than where we live. When we were getting back on the real estate google maps said turn right and then left on something something…

(I don’t think I was listening)

So I turned LEFT and then RIGHT and got back on the interstate.

The spouselet looked at the map and said “well this is odd, it is now saying we will get there at 8:05”

“Oh that is impossible, there must be something wrong, or maybe rush hour traffic that will clear up?”

I started to panic a little and asked him to call the warehouse and see what plan b was. About that time, I realized why the google maps said turn RIGHT and then LEFT and something something I didn’t listen…

Interstate 71 suddenly became a parking lot.

I had time to email EBTH. They had time to respond. I was suddenly very thankful that I had gone to the restroom back at the gas station.

We were entertained by the little Asian man in the pickup truck in front of us, who got out of his truck every five minutes to get something out of the back or put something in the back.

We watched two women try to go up an embankment on one side of the road and think better of it. I think they had on fancy sandals. Then they tried the other side which was less steep. I can’t promise that I didn’t giggle when one of them slipped and slid down the hill (like a slide)-she was ok, so that doesn’t make me the biggest jerk on the planet. Texting my whole family the story while we were stuck in traffic DOES.

Then there was the dude who rode his bicycle down the middle, between two rows of cars… He said “I never thought I would get to do this!!!” I wanted to snap a picture, but he was moving so fast (compared to the rest of us, who had given up and turned our cars off).

There were two men standing beside their cars smoking cigars and chatting.

There was a man with his dog in the truck behind us, he must have known someone 5 cars back because he got out and went to visit and came back with snacks and water for his pup.

I was happy that I had put a few individual servings of trail mix in my car, because otherwise we surely would have starved!

After an hour we started to move. We drove 2 miles to the next exit, turned around and had Japanese for dinner.

I will try this adventure again on Saturday (instead of NOT going to the Kentucky Derby).

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