(a 500 –or not- word post)

Today, I am cutting it close. And not to make excuses, but I spend most of the day at the funeral home with a coworker whose husband passed away over the weekend. Actually, because we live in a small town, I know the daughter, the son, the sister, and two nieces. So, most of the family.

So, here it is…

Sometime last week I was reading through a magazine that was written for a much younger and healthier audience. I think I am probably outside this publication demographic by at least 20 years. Many of the articles talked about getting that body back after the baby. Oh hell no and thank you very much!

There was an “ask anything” column that talked about a variety of subjects, one being careers. The person asking the question said that her friend told her that her Hotmail email account as costing her opportunities for new jobs, that there are some email addresses that have stigma. The responder then told her that “YES, your Hotmail probably is causing you to be passed over, as would your yahoo or AOL-in fact, rumor has it that AOL email addresses on resumes get them tossed straight into the bin.”

She goes on to say, NEVER FEAR, just get a super cool and hip Gmail account-you don’t have to check it, just forward it to your current email.

BRILLANT ADVICE, until that forwarding part.

This is one of my peeves. I work with an agent realtor population so I have had this conversation more than once. I never thought I would have to have it with someone YOUNGER than I.

Sure, you can forward your gmail account to your Hotmail account but then when you get an email, are you going to REPLY with the Hotmail account? NO-because the person who thought you had half a brain will suddenly realize they have been hoodwinked and you will end up in the “thanks but no thanks pile.”

So, then why forward it at all and risk it getting stuck in a filter somewhere along the way?

When we grow up, or grow professionally, so should our email addresses. Yes, a Gmail account is perfectly acceptable for this function, but so would Or

If you are serious about a job and serious about your personal brand, then your email address should reflect that level of professionalism.

Side note-and email isn’t so bad either.

(now I need to take my own advice and get a branded email account from my domain)

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