Jack of all trades

(a 500 word post)

Last week, I joined Michael Hyatt’s Platform University. I read Platform when it was first released and was completely overwhelmed by all the information.

I am pretty sure I have Multiple Platform Disorder. Part of the issue could be that for my “day job” maps pretty close to the sort of things that I like doing for my hobbies. Or maybe because I work for my family I have been able to incorporate my other interests into a job that works for their marketing and communication purposes.

I also have analysis paralysis. I am on a road of perpetual self-discovery. (ok not really)

And while I am typing this, I have all these buzz words from other books I have read. It really is an issue.

I also have a TON of interests.

Jack of all trades, master of none.

I pick up snippets of information and it is always something that someone else needs later in the day…but still, what do you do with that? I am like a walking google. (well- I walk and google)

Here is one such example from yesterday:

Instagram nudity hasn’t really been on my radar. I am not offended by nudity unless it is demeaning, degrading or pornographic. Nudity for art sake- A OK Sister.

On Instagram I follow Beautiful Bizarre Magazine. Often they have images with little stars or bars across nip and parts. A minor annoyance, sometimes I can’t tell if the bar or other covering is an actual part of the image or them censoring nudity to not get dinged by da’gram.

Yesterday they posted an image with some naked female chest and mentioned that they were testing the waters because of a clarification of nudity from IG TOS.  (FYI, that image no longer appears on their feed)

I filed that away in my little urchin brain and went on about the day, until 3pm, I met up with other photographers in front of David outside the C21 Hotel downtown.

Clickin-Walk-2015-Louisville (17 of 24)
Several of the ‘grammers were selectively shooting David with “fig leaves” or whatever trees are used downtown. At the time, I didn’t give it much thought. I shot David from the back, the side and full frontal baby.

Honestly, no matter your opinion of nude male bits, male bits in gold are kinda interesting.

And a few of my favorite images just happened to be from the front, the sky was so blue, the sun was gleaming off his gold body…the hotel was behind him.

I had two images, from the same angle David in the background, and the “downtown Louisville” garbage can in the front. One image was focused on David, one on the can… I tagged the event and said I wasn’t sure which I liked and posted to Instagram.

One of the replies was about Nudity on Instagram….
My brain files back through all my useless data (this time from like 5 hours before) and BLAMO!

2 seconds later I have verified what I heard about “artistic” nudity (which also includes Mastectomy scars AND breast feeding moms).

These little snips of things happen every day. Useless bits of information, until it’s not.

What is your secret talent?

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