Clickin Walk 2015-Louisville

(a 500 word post)*

Today was a beautiful day in Louisville. Feel like I get so much more accomplished on sunny days than rainy ones. This morning I was going to go see my niece play a soccer game, but couldn’t find the entrance to the field where they were. It has changed a bit in the 3 years my son played on those fields.

Since that was a bust I thought I would run a few errands. I hit Target and TJ Maxx at the perfect time and found several things that were on my “OH I will die if I don’t buy” list and a few other things. I may have gone a little overboard.

But it was all things that we needed-sort of.

I had just enough time to run back home to grab my camera and head out for the Click-in Mom’s Photo Walk in Louisville. Apparently this is something they have done for a few years…I guess I quit paying attention to the “Mom Photographer” Community when I quit shooting high school soccer games. I am not a portrait photographer, or even a natural light photographer. These days, if it is shot with my “big girl” camera, it has doors and windows. Not eyes and arms.

Houses don’t get self-conscious. They don’t nervous smile and they don’t require coaxing natural, relaxed poses. They just are.

I guess it was sort of the same with shooting sports. The kids aren’t focused on the lady with the camera, they are focused on the game. My favorite shots with humans are always when people don’t see them coming.

But today, I met a group of people and we walked around downtown.

We started at the C21 Hotel.


And then headed up Main Street to the Kentucky Science Center.


We took pictures of The Louisville Slugger Bat.


We took pictures of each other.

And went down by the river and shot a few things.


Then we headed up to the Ali Center. Where some people got some awesome group shots. (I can not wait to see them).


About that time we realized it was 5pm and the even was over, 4 of us went to Los Azteca for dinner-it was so good. On the way back to my car, I took a few more shots and then headed home.

I had a great time today, but spending all that time in the fresh air has my allergies all bothered again and the sinus pressure is miserable. The irritation was totally worth the time spent with new friends and my old camera.

So looking forward to next time.

*not really 500 words today, but a picture is worth a thousand…so by that logic, I am way over!

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