I am my own worst enemy.

(a 500 word post.)

People say that all the time-but I am not sure we always believe it.

This week has proved it to be true for me, today. It might not be true tomorrow but today, I totally did a number on myself.

I have excuses, plenty of excuses, but the truth; I got lazy.

Last week at my Weight Watchers meeting I learned that I only had to lose .8 of a pound to hit my 10%. 4/5 of a pound.

I also knew that this week I had scheduled myself out of going to my normal weigh-in meeting-I talked with a co-leader about NOT celebrating that victory THIS week (at my non-home meeting)-to wait to get the sparkly (a charm for a keychain) when I got back, the week after (Next week).

I had planned on going to the Tuesday meeting which is a day before my normal weigh-in. But, for whatever reason, I didn’t. Yesterday I could have gone but the only meetings were at 12 and 6 and I always weigh-in before I have had anything to eat…so, I knew my numbers would be skewed.


So, I went this morning. I remembered that there was a spring reward for attending 6 meetings in a row. I was scared that if I missed a meeting all together this week, I wouldn’t get THAT sparkly.

Y’all know how much I like the sparkly.

I get up this morning and get on the scale and I am immediately pissed off. THAT number is back. THAT number that I never wanted to see again is sitting there staring back at me. Damn it. That means that I have not only NOT hit my goal the scale at the meeting is going to be up too.

An internal argument ensues.

Don’t go. Don’t weigh-in and be discouraged, just wait until next week.
Umbrella Charm. SPARKLY.


Remember when I said I was shallow?
Sparkly won!

I went to the meeting and briefly considered hopping on the scale that I knew was light so my gain wouldn’t be SO bad-then I realized that next week would be even worse when I got back to my “regular” scale…but my little evil voice said “just switch to THAT scale as your NEW constant.”

I am so good at having these little conversations with myself.
I didn’t let the little minion win.

I bit the bullet and got on the scale that I use every week.

Up. 1 and 1/5 of a pound.

And here came the possible excuses:

  • I changed the way I am dealing with my allergies, maybe I am retaining water
  • I was at the chiropractor yesterday, maybe that and the massage on Wednesday has enflamed joints and muscles so I am retaining water for repair
  • Hormones
  • Constipation? (NO-but say it anyway)

But, here are the REASONS:

  • Chuys twice this week
  • Pretzel buns
  • A “new” jar of mini candy bars in the office-and I know yesterday alone I ate 5-8 of them just chatting with co-workers
  • A new restaurant and I allowed the server to talk me into a brunch with tortillas and fried breakfast potatoes instead of the omelet I was considering (and YES, I ate the damned potatoes)
  • “Skinny pop” popcorn in a REALLY big bowl at LEAST Twice this week

Looking back, I only remember eating a veggie ONCE this week.

So, looks like I will definitely be back at my home meeting when I make my 10%. Which was really the point anyway.

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