I Had One Job….

(a 500 word post)

I woke up this morning with only two things on my plate that HAD to be done today.

  1. Pick up a cake for a party tomorrow
  2. Go to the chiropractor

However, as “luck” would have it, I only had about a 15 minute window to accomplish both.

I have a standing appointment with my chiropractor for the next 5 weeks. Monday and Thursday at 3pm. (he closes from 12-3 every day). Works great, because I can finish up most of my work and head over there for physical (torture) therapy and to be twisted up like a pretzel for an hour and then I can head home or to my next adventure. Fabulous, seriously.

Unless something else happens.

One of our co-workers has a birthday tomorrow, she is the person in the office who always gets the food and the cake and decorates the office (sometime she comes in over the weekends to get her decorations on). Over-freekin-achiever in the party department.

Hats are required.
Celebrate and be happy damn it.

She TOTALLY loves events, not just birthdays, but St. Pats, Valentines, Easter…Hell-Friday is an excuse for her to load up all the sales associates with carbs for the weekend with food from Cracker Barrel, Panera or Chik-fil-a.

So it’s HER birthday.

Should we fill her office with balloons so she can’t even get to her phone?

We should all wear the little hats she buys throughout the year…Ok, this one was rejected before I even finished uttering the thought.

Someone ordered the food. I was in charge of décor and cake. That’s cool- I think my degree in interior design is up for the task and I can rock a theme sister!

My husband has been talking about this cake shop in town for weeks. HIS birthday cake is coming from there and it will either be –I don’t even remember the 4 choices he is trying to narrow. He loves cake.

We tried for 2 days to call but no one ever answered. This makes me a little nervous-so yesterday we drive over to the cake place but the one sign was off and the other said open and it didn’t look very open…so I called and they DID answer…so we ordered their most popular or “famous” cake.

“Ebony & Ivory” something, something, something with something and chocolate ganache poured over it.


I told her I needed the cake Friday morning and she said, “oh. Well we only allow cake pick up between 2:30 and 3 pm”

Well, then I guess we will get the cake tomorrow (today).

I figured that one of my co-workers could come get the cake and I could go get abused for an hour and Friday morning everything would be ready to go.

But everyone else was busy today between 2:30 and 3 too…except my husband, the spouselet but he couldn’t go get the cake and pay with the company card…AND, I knew if he went he would have to have a slice of one of the display cakes, “while he was there”.

So, I did.

Flew in the parking lot on 2 wheels at 2:29! I casually asked the woman closing my check if I could leave the cake in the car for about an hour because I had another errand to run.

She asked the cake baker.

“You do realize that is REAL Cream. If YOU want to risk leaving REAL cream in a car for an hour…what’s the temperature out there right now?”

“50 something.”

“Well, if YOU want to risk leaving my cake out in a car with REAL cream for an hour, you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it and if you RUIN my cake by leaving it in the car for an hour, do not tell people it came from here.”

Oh. Ok.

(not, I must point out that she wasn’t being as harsh as it sounded in my head, I really didn’t WANT to ruin her cake and I didn’t want my co-workers to kill me if I screwed it up either)

I left with the cake and promised to get it in a cooler as soon as possible.

I called my husband and asked if he was still up for picking up the cake…at my chiropractors office.

Two birds one stone.

The cake got to stay cold and I prevented the spouselet from being tempted with yet another decision about cake on his birthday.

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