I am not in the mood to write today.

-a 500 word post.

  • I am taking a new combination of supplements for my allergies and I think they are working, but differently than what I used to take so I am not sure.
  • I went to lunch with coworkers and again, Chuy’s is not agreeing with my stomach, but I keep going back. Yes. I may be crazy.
  • I need to be working on a project for work-I had it complete once, but talked to some other people on the project and we decided to go in a fresh brand new direction so I have to scrap what I did and start fresh. Procrastination.
  • I need to be weeding my super big flower bed in the front yard. (see post from Monday that talks about how much I enjoy my yardwork). Actually, I DO have to get out there today, there are these weeds that have seed pods that LEAP off the stalk if you don’t pull them before they get to that point and then 40 of the buggers grow where one used to be.
  • I need to kill about 300 wild violets. I tried pulling them…there are too many. Sure, I could do a total kill but they are growing in and around stuff I like.
  • I used to like violets, and think they are pretty. It really doesn’t have anything to do with them being my sorority flower. I am the most un-sorority-sorority girl ever. I think I just really like purple.
  • I have 8 magazines that I want to read instead.
  • I started reading “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee.
    No, I have never read it. I am not sure how I got out of a southern state high school without doing so…(maybe I answered my own question).
  • I know I saw the movie because I LOVED Gregory Peck and developed quite the crush.
  • I wanted to read it so I could read the book that Harper Lee is publishing NOW-and not wait 50 years.
  • I did finish The Art of Work this week. I enjoyed it.
    I honestly still don’t have one IOTA what my calling is/should be.
    (I think I am in a holding pattern)
  • The sun is out and it has been so long since I have seen it-I would rather be out there-not writing or working.
  • It is too cold to be out there, so I am in here, whining.
  • I invested some time at jetpens.com making a wish list of all the paper supplies I want.
  • I invested some time at Everything But The House. I am winning two auctions right now, but I am not telling you which two, because BOTH are “MUST HAVES” and I don’t want anyone going over there and driving up my prices.
  • I am thinking about how today would have been a great day to go to Lexington to take pictures for the company web site, but the best days to go are Monday and Friday (tour guide availability). But this Friday, there is a Birthday Lunch and I ordered the cake.

Still not in the mood, but I am done now.
Thank You Jesus.

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