Molly’s Dreamhouse

(a 500 word post)

The spouselet and I have thought a lot about our next home. It could be a condo, it could be a patio home-there is a small chance it could be a free standing dwelling with a small yard. A REALLY small yard.

The project occupies more of my time than it does his because he is a one box man. He cannot do more than one thing at a time. He is such a one dimensional thinker that I have learned to not talk to him about house things while he is driving or the road disappears in his mind and images of what I am saying appear. He has almost crashed more than once.

I feel bad looking at my phone while he drives, but it is much safer.

If I want to talk in the car, I drive.

I have a box filled with images from magazines about what I want in the look and feel. I have a few Pinterest boards on storage and organizational things. I have tons of ideas in my head.

This is almost an obsession for me because I grew up in a real estate family, I work in a real estate office and my degree from school is in interior design. Space planning is my all-time favorite thing to do. Organizing comes in a close second.

It is so funny to see me type those words and know their truth and then look around at my current home’s constant state of disaster.


I have realized that I can’t organize and control other people’s enjoyable mess. (Because some people like living in chaos) It is like trying to manage the drinks of an alcoholic.

Here are the must haves and why:

  • One story-right now we have 4
  • 2 bedrooms –right now we have 4
  • Screened porch or patio- right now we have a small deck and large patio can’t use when it rains, freezes or is 90% humidity-living in Kentucky that is about 80% of the year.
  • Loads of sunlight (south facing windows)-right now our house faces North-North East with only one 2 x 2 window (over the kitchen sink facing south) the South west side of the house that gets afternoon sun-not rooms I spend any time in when I am home. RATS.
  • Open floor plan-I mentioned 4 floors right? Quad level-loads of privacy y’all.
  • Can walk to a grocery, dinner or things to do-I live 3 miles from the grocery but the wind-ey country road take 15 minutes with traffic to get there and walking…oh hell no.
  • Lots of plugs on each wall. This house was built in the 70’s and people must not have needed plugs or lighting that made sense. I have some rooms that only have one plug on one wall that is 20 damned feet long…seriously….

Here is a list of the “really wants”

  • A basement-only if we end up with a house.
  • More than 2 bedrooms
  • 5 baths
  • Lots of closet/storage space or a way to easily modify/create it
  • No wires running under the carpet or tacked to the baseboard. (wire your house properly people)
  • Light switches that make sense
  • I want to walk to a Whole Foods, or Trader Joe’s, or Lucky’s or even a Fresh Market-if I am gonna be walking to the grocery I want it to be for GOOD food
  • I also want to be able to walk to or see a pretty sizable body of water. Preferably containing salt and not located in Utah.

Tomorrow, I might talk about location, location, location.

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