Thoughts on Home

-a 500 words post.

Seasonal Allergies are the pits! For someone who suffers every spring and fall I often wonder why I am still living in one of the worst places in the nation for an allergy sufferer. Sure, I could subject myself to months of allergy shots to alleviate some of the symptoms. Then, I think, it is two, three weeks max a year of discomfort.

Why would I spend thousands of dollars (my insurance plan doesn’t pay for allergy shots until after the deductible has been met) when I could save that cash for an escape plan?

Years ago when the spouselet and I were first talking about merging households we discussed our options. I did not want to pull my son out of his social network. I didn’t want to remove him from my family and his father’s family (even though they are scattered around the world.) We agreed back then to live here in Kentucky until the now 20 year old had flown the coop.

It was our deal.-After high school-we could move wherever we wanted!

Now our deal has changed a bit. Back then he had two cats, I had two dogs. My house was big enough for all of us-the cats even had their own room! The yard is big enough for the dogs to roam and pick up soccer matches at the same time. We had room for the teenager to have over a house full of boys and a retreat for us to have some sanity. Space wise it was awesome.

Maintenance wise, not so much.

Turns out, neither of us are big on sweeping, mowing, weeding or mopping. Merging households is so much more than just smooshing your stuff together, it is cleaning styles and putting away (or not styles) and a whole slew of navigational items that one never considers.

I am pretty sure that part of our housekeeping inadequacies impact my allergies, if nothing else, the dog hair ghosts that wander around the baseboards.

All of these things, the allergies, the pre-matrimonial deal, the size of the house, the yard…impact our next home. We have also added in the weather or more specifically, cloud cover and days of sunshine coupled with relative humidity. Obviously that knocks the Pacific Northwest straight out of running.

I enjoy having privacy that a fenced backyard provides, but not as much as I enjoy NOT weeding and NOT mowing grass and NOT dealing with ants and spiders and other creatures the treed landscape encourages. It sounds like I don’t enjoy nature, but I do-nature that doesn’t require MY sweat equity.

Now, the kid is 2 years out of high school and is still navigating his own future we aren’t packing up shop just yet. NOW the plan-once the dogs die. It wouldn’t be fair to take two 60 pound pups to a new location, with a smaller or no yard and expect them to adjust.

Old dogs, new tricks. They are 13 and 11. All our friends say we have 2 years…4 tops. The vet says that the younger one has lived a hard life, her body will fail before the older, meaner one: She could live to be 20.

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