Stars and Sparkles -My Story (part 3)-500 word Post

(part 2 can be found here)

Being over 200 again, I was really disappointed in myself. Disappointed and sick that I was convincing myself that I was eating healthy and clean. My weight proved I was in denial. I had allowed “organic” processed foods back in to my diet. I was eating too much sugar and refined white flour.

I do not do well when I am accountable to myself, for myself. I am also not going to put my spouse in a position of accountability because it isn’t fair to him.

Besides, weight watchers worked in the past!

I had to come to terms with the fact that I was not in control of my eating or my choices and I needed help to remain accountable.

The first week I lost 6 pounds. I know that most of that was water retention from to much sugar and wheat. Still, hella motivator!

The first three weeks I counted points like an accountant. I was game on sister! And I was also a little pissy.

Did you know that Sabra Humus and Pretzel “togo” container is TEN freekin’ points? A choco-cherry love Blizzard is only 9. Which one would give me more joy????

I may have been a little militant and hard to live with.

The first of February one of the Sales Associates in my company came in my office and was telling me about this new podcast he had found. We always talk techie stuff so, he knew I would be interested. I had just started listening to podcasts again because of the crack called Serial.

He said this one is a little different, it is a woman talking about fat loss (not weight loss). He said there were a few episodes he listened to more than once because he was caught up and it was a great one to listen to at the gym.

I downloaded the first episode right then and listened to it on the way home from work. My drive is only about 10 minutes with traffic. I spent the other 6 minutes in my driveway listening. That night I downloaded 12 regular episodes and 5 Q & A episodes. I paced myself because I wanted to be sure that I had enough to last me car rides to work and meetings for weeks.

Primal Potential and Elizabeth Benton gave me my sanity back. (Download Episodes Here). Now-she is totally anti diet and not a huge fan of diets or systems that restrict your living and make you feel like you are suffering on your fast loss journey.

I agree with her on that. Weight Watchers says they are a lifestyle and then they try to sell you bars and smoothies that are filled with things that will KEEP you from meeting your goals if you are not careful.

But, I am a shallow person.

Bravo Stars and Charms for a keychain really work for me.


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