My (shrinking) Story (part 2)- a 500 Word Post

(Part one can be found here.)

I was heavier than I had ever been with a slew of health problems starting to mount I knew I needed to do something. My gynecologist kept talking about a magic number.

He would say “if you can just get below your magic number, many of your issues will resolve themselves.”

What is my magic number?

“I have no idea.”

At the time, it really pissed me off. I wanted or needed someone to tell me EXACTLY what to do to fix this. Thinking back, that was pretty damn dumb. “Doing” what someone told me- work harder and longer-got me partially into this mess.

I would read things online that seemed to contradict EVERYTHING I knew about health and weight loss. I felt very schizophrenic.

Fat is good; Fat is bad. Carbs in the morning; NO Carbs. Sugar kills (ok most everyone agrees on that-but not the KIND of sugar). Cardio an hour or more a day, NO Cardio. Heavy weighs build muscle, do you want to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger? Low weights, High reps. Heavy weights, Low Reps. MOVE-MOVE-MOVE.

Oh Screw this.

I joined Weight Watchers 4 years ago. Let THEM tell me how to lose weight! After all, they have been doing it for a bajillion years! I lost just enough weight to curb some of my symptoms-but not 10% where they say your real health recovery begins. Then I got stuck. I had a few weeks of no scale movement.

I read a book by a woman who hated the dieting industry, she said they were all crooks, out to get our money and get rich off our fat. That their programs are designed for you to lose a few pounds and then gain it all back and more.

Since I was stuck, I believed her. I quit.
Ironically, she had a book deal-she was ALSO getting rich off my fat.
(Of course I didn’t think that then)

Her plan was unreasonable and unsustainable. Very restrictive and high on the exercise minutes.
But, my inner voice gave her authority because she lost a TON of weight.

Of course, I didn’t stick with her plan.
But, it also took me 4 years to get back to crappy shape.

This Christmas!
Work stress, Family stress-blah blah blah. I ate my weight in misery.

We went to Florida to take my grandmother to her winter home and I had a ball. We ate very well. I didn’t even THINK about my weight, because even though my bathing suit didn’t fit-I was eating “healthy”.

We were at the beach for Pete’s Sake!

I knew when I got home that I had to do something I was starting to feel bad again. On January 6th, I went back to Weight Watchers.

The same leader that was there all those years ago was STILL leading that meeting. I remembered her as being VERY Motivational-what I thought I needed.

Their scale had me just shy of where I was 8 years ago.

I was mortified.

(Part one can be read here)

(part 4)

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