Grateful Dud

For a month and 10 days I have been at the mercy of the GDTSTOO (The Grateful Dead Ticketing Service).  How those of us used to get tickets back in the day.  It was to be nostalgic.

Instead it has made me a neurotic mess:

  • Spending an entire weekend lovingly decorating an envelope to mail the SASE.
  • Following the detailed and quite specific instructions.
  • Having a minor panic attack when I see other people talking about pricing of tickets that I didn’t see.
    (and worrying that I did something wrong so my request would be rejected out right)
  • Dreading going to the mailbox for a rejection letter and the return of my money orders.
  • Checking twitter once or twice a day for information.
  • Not believing most of the crap I was reading on twitter because the information was coming from “fans” who were reporting what they did or didn’t get.  (as well as suggestions that people already had tickets-when the mail order tickets weren’t being mailed until June.)
    A bunch of bullshit amidst the truth, if there IS any TRUTH to any of it.
  • Realizing that the lack of information from amd GDTSTOO was making the situation worse.
  • Wanting to call and check on the status of my money order but NOT wanting to know.
  • Spiraling up and down emotionally several times a week.
  • NOT trying to get tickets from Ticket Master because I have already tied up ENTIRELY TO MUCH MONEY doing it the “old nostalgic way”

I am done.
Screw it.

Today, I called Western Union, my money orders have not been cashed.
As far as I know they never made it to California-Hell, they could still be in my mail carriers truck. (my mistrust of my mail carrier is a completely different issue)

So, then, what can only be described as a desperate act of self flagellation and torture, I check out stubhub for ticket information.

Big Mistake.

The cheapest-no view-behind the stage in the TOPEST MOST ROW of Soldier Field are running almost SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS.  that is to look at the back of speakers and watch the roadies work.  OOOO sign me up.

LOOK at this crazy ass map.

I tried to not get all caught up in the hype.
People bitching about “the man” ruining it for the “true fan”…about the “real fans” who have followed them since 1965 aren’t being accommodated because they need handicap space and seating without stairs dude.  I tried to ignore people whining about all the little phishheads being there because of Trey…

I really tried.

But that was when I had hope.
When I believed my friends that my envelop was AWESOME and sure to score two freebies (I seriously didn’t believe that-but hope is a nice thing to have).
When I believed that things could be like they were in the day.
Peace Love and Happiness Maaannn.

And then, doubt started to creep in.
Sunny was worried about the dogs dealing with the July 4th fireworks while we were out of town.
That was before people started talking about how much hotels were gonna cost in the area.
That was before I waited a month and 10 days to not even know if my envelop arrived.

And all of this because back in 1994 when Q was less than a month old, I told his dad that one day my son would go on tour with me.

8 months later, Jerry died.
I should have let the dream stay dead with him.

A perfectly timed tune for the day.

Part 2- Grateful Rejection

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