A New Year a New You!

Really such bullshit.

People makes resolutions and people break resolutions. This year the spouselet and I decided to take a few days of our vacation and worked through Michael Hyatt’s “Your Best Year”.

It is a 5 day program to help you determine what is really important and set goals for the year.  There were several things that we have as goals, Personal, Familial and Professional.

The biggest one that I am working really hard toward-getting fit.

My first goal is to lose 10 pounds by 3/31/15.
Easy enough….
But, I know myself, I have been carrying the same extra pounds since we got married.
I have lost the same 10 and found them probably 4 times.
I lost 15 once doing Weight Watchers, so I thought-I am holding myself accountable for a slew of other goals, I need someone to get after me about THIS goal.

This is an obtainable goal-but because of my past “luck”, it is also a stretch.  If I get there before, I will update it to lose 10 more!

I am not going to be accountable to my husband over this, because who really wants to tell their spouse JUST how fat, errr, unhealthy you are?
Same reason I don’t want to be accountable to my friends…

Yes, apparently, I AM vain (which is funny, who am I kidding, like they can’t see I am fat?-i mean need to lose a few pounds)

So, I joined the WW when we got back from Florida.
I am looking forward to the results that I know I can get from this system-if I work it.

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