2014- A Review

This year has been something.
Something I am ready to let sink to the bottom of the sea.

2014 wasn’t all bad, there were incredible glimpses of love, peace and harmony.  Looking back over my instagram of the year, there was also A LOT of wine.

We also experienced:

This year we also suffered tremendous loss:

  • Sunny’s step father, Mr. Gill
  • Sunny’s 20 year old Cat, samantha
  • My aunt’s mother, Mary-Jo
  • My aunt and uncles best friend, Rick
  • My cousin, Brucie
  • My cousin’s wife, (and Brucie’s step-mom) Trish
  • Robin Williams-he was one of my favorite actors and it hit me especially hard
  • the perfect house

I am looking forward to closing out the year at the beach with my husband and grandmother!
Here is to 2015!

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