Bad Timing Dude-the worst.

For years, I have been itching to move.  I enjoy living close to my family, but when I got married in 2007, we agreed, once the teenager was out of school-moving was on the radar.  We stayed in the area because of the great school system.

He has been out of school for over a year now.  We want to move, but we also would like to move near the beach-if I am packing up all my stuff it has to be worth it!

Right now, we have a yard for the dogs.  A yard that neither of us are to keen on maintaining-lots to mow and deep, deep flower beds.  I think our neighbors hate us as much as tall grass and weeds love.

I have been a little obsessive of late about finding a place-searching hours on end in Florida and near downtown here.  I always find a reason to not call up my brother in law to schedule a showing on a place (when I find something local).

The spouselet and I had been sitting in a coffee shop making our list of what a house must have, how much we wanted to spend and where in town it might be- after this long exhaustive list was complete we started checking a new area of the map, not really south, not really east.  But, there was always something…The rooms are to small, there isn’t a seperate apartment in case we have to have a family member or friend move in…to many bathrooms, not enough..something…always something, until…

1THIS House.
(go take a gander. I will wait)

We HAD to see it because you may have noticed that there were not any images of the inside of the garage or of the basement.

Well played Mr. Realtor, well played.

Here were the things we just LOVED:

  • The wood floors
  • The fireplace
  • The doors, most of which had crystal knobs with push-button locks, have you EVER seen a crystal knob that LOCKS?
  • The windows-there was loads of natural light all over the place, the kitchen had two almost full walls of windows!!!
  • The front porch wasn’t covered, it was spacious and had a beautiful wrought iron railing, that was hidden by holly bushes.
  • The kitchen with original cabinets and the coolest sink ever
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 2 bathrooms
  • parking for like 9 cars with out ONE having to move. (3 in the garage, 3 in the carport, 3 on the gravel pad)
  • a FULL BASEMENT with daylight windows and separate entrance.  A BASEMENT WITH LOTS OF NATURAL LIGHT!
  • The second floor of the garage-unfinished but a beautiful space for a studio or with investment a completely separate apartment (there was already water and electricity at the building)-there were 8 windows on the house side and 5 more leaning up against the wall that could be re-hung across the alley side…OhEMGee!

I wanted this house.  I saw myself living in this house.  There was NOTHING we had to do but move in.  Down the road there would have been changes-reworkings, some updating-that would happen with ANY house that was built in 1925.

So, why am I not packing?
Simplest answer…
The Dogs.

I often joke about us moving as soon as they drop dead, but I don’t want them to die before their time-by 5 lanes of traffic moving briskly north and south.  (interestingly, you can not hear the traffic when you are in the house).  Right now we live on a street where the posted speed is between 15-25.  SLOW Children at play is the mantra.  People here stop for dogs-on that road, there wouldn’t be time, and if one car did-50 others might not.  I could not risk it.  I could build a fence, but one is an escape artist.  We could put them on leash, but the other is shy and won’t potty while on leash-you might see!

I also hoped that the second floor of the massive garage was a little more finished than it was.  If the spouselets mother needed to come live with us, it would be MONTHS before a space for her would be ready.  This wasn’t the easiest solution.

So, for now, we are staying put-making choices on how we can enjoy living in this house while it is still in our trust.

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