A Tingling, An Itch.

I feel it, deep in my bones as I sit here adding the 5th new associate to all of my companies online gateways.

An itch.

Creativity trying to break through.

Ideas wanting to be born.

Fall and Winter are really hard times for me especially after the time change.  As I type, I am basking in the glow of a UV, Full spectrum light that gets me through the “dark days”.

I have upped my Vitamin D to 5000 IU a day (in the summer I still take 2000).  Hitting the winter blues before the hit me is critical in keeping the “ME” parts functional.

Making and Creating-

The slow down hit way earlier this year than normal and I was scared that my work table would continue to go unused.  At this moment there is more evidence of home maintenance and day job papers than any creative venture, but, I feel that itch.

After I plow through my to do list-and as the itch intensifies -I am going to purge and organize and let the creating being.

I think that tingling is excitement.
Oh, I have missed that dear old friend.

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