Thoughts, Words and Deeds-Ferguson

For the past week, my husband and I haven’t gotten much sleep.  We have been engrossed in the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

As the mother of a spirited and opinionated 19 year old-who has the tendency to think legal and moral do not mean the same thing, I worry for his safety. But my son has one huge advantage not granted to Michael Brown, my boy is white.  People don’t think that it matters, but it does.  Sadly, it still does.

This morning, I was looking through my instagram feed (as I do every morning) and saw this image from Mary Engelbreit:

No One Should

Mary Engelbreit

And then I read the comments.

Wow, such ignorance in the world today. Such blatant classism mixed with racism it makes my heart hurt and then it pisses me off.

I don’t read the news first thing in the morning because I don’t want to start my day pissed off. And for all that is good and holy I NEVER, EVER in all of my days expected Mary “Chair of Bowlies” Engelbreit image to be the catalyst for this rant.

First of all BRAVO!
Honestly, I thought that cute calendars and Christmas ornaments my mom got me were all that was there. (oh look my own bias showing up).
So, I am happy and almost giddy that this campy artist has some serious social muscle.

I am also impressed that she had the ovaries to post it with her opinion AND offer it for sale (later in the week) with proceeds going to the Michael Brown Fund.

Secondly,I am buying one…at least one.
I encourage you to buy one too…The link to her site is up above the image.

AND Finally,  Here are my thoughts:

People saying “don’t leap to judgement until you know all the facts…”
We won’t and can’t know all the facts because this was NOT investigated and handled properly IMMEDIATELY.
The current facts are PART of the problem.
FACT: A boy was shot 6 times.

A boy was shot 6 times for “maybe” stealing a few cigars.
The punishment does not match the crime.
Hell, being belligerent doesn’t warrant 6 bullets, 2 to the head….
There are so many questions.

And here is my thing, if you accidentally shot some one…6 times…on accident, heat of the moment gun discharged…we hear that can happen.
AND IT WAS AN ACCIDENT-you meant to fire a warning shot…whatever…

How would you react, what would you do?

I have spent a lot of time thinking about that.

I would like to think I would want to do the next right thing.
I think-but I don’t know.

I do know that a boy is dead.
I know that boy is just a hair younger than my own.
I know that a community is hurting.
I am hurting for them, but as a middle class white woman, I can never REALLY KNOW what they feel.
And that, makes me kinda sad.



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